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 Super4 USB Relay Module

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Super4 USB Relay Module


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Super4 USB Relay Module
Super4 USB Relay Module

Part No:MPTC-USBAPP-Super4

USB hub powered, modular relay control board.

  • Relays (4 x): 5 Amp 30VDC, 5Amp 250V AC
  • Sealed omron mechanical relays.
  • Command-line application.
  • Standard FTDI USB module (dlls for most OSs)
  • Power on LED, relay indicator LEDs

The super4 USB relay board is driven over USB directly (not virtual com port). Each board is uniquely identified via its^ serial number string, this can be changed using TCTECs RelayMapper application, making replacement of boards easy and programming simple to understand.

User Manual (pdf)

Super4 USB Relay Windows Software

Super4 USB Relay Linux Software

Software Usage Map

Enclosure suggestions:

For indoor low voltage applications, The Super4 fits inside Jaycar cat: JP6011

A sealed polycarbonate enclosure in an appliance control application.

Using 20mm (22 mm hole) cable gland for the USB plug (fits a type-B plug). Use cable glands of required size for other wiring (example shows 1 for input cable and 1 for output cable).

All glands facing down for water proofing and drainage. Board is tacked in place with silicone, after USB is plugged in and relays wired.


     Download Super4 USB Relay Module Specification 

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