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 CAN/LIN Training Kit (BGC-CAN101)

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CAN/LIN Training Kit (BGC-CAN101)


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CAN/LIN Training Kit (BGC-CAN101)
CAN, LIN, ISO11898-2/3, USB to CAN, PCI to CAN, PC104 to CAN, UART to CAN, PCI Express to CAN, LIN to CAN, ISA to CAN, J1587, K-Line, SWC, J1850, CAN Development Kit


Our CAN/LIN Communication Network Training System primarily uses automobile electronics network such as the CAN bus and LIN bus to implement the data communication of various functional nodes.

The PC-end software performs the Baud Rate adjustment of CAN bus and LIN bus, data monitoring and module controls.

Our system consists of 3 parts:

Part I: Embedded Hardware (Comprised of the Main Control Board and Module Board)

(1) Main Control Board has built-in multi-voltage supply, and it also provides 
     diverse interfaces such as the USB, ICSP, D-Sub 9-Pin RS232, CAN bus,
     LIN bus, Mini DIN 6-Pin(for GPS), SPI bus + I2C bus connector (both
     parallel-connected for Debugging), 128x64 graphic LCM with touch panel
     function, and two sets of module connector.

(2) Main Control Board contains two E2PROM (16K bit memory) chips, which
     are interfaced with SPI and I2C respectively. These interfaces are
     associated with the exterior connector to provide the convenience of data
     programming as well as debugging.

(3) This system provides 8 different functional and application modules:

  • 7-Seg LED/Buzzer/Temperature Sensor Module

  • DC Motor Module (incl. 2 motors)

  • Stepping Motor Module (incl. 2 motors)

  • Voltage/Current Measurement Module (incl. 2 wire sets)

  • RFID module (incl. 3 Tags)

  • Super_201: PIC based CAN application module

  • GPS CAN application module

  • GPRS/GSM CAN application module

(4) CAN Adaptor and Analysis Software for further applications (Optional)

  • DG-Gryphon-S3 Protocol Adapter + Hercules Analysis Software

  • DG-DPA4Plus Protocol Adapter + DLM data link monitor

  • DG-Python Protocol Adapter

  • PCAN-USB CAN Adaptor + PCAN Explorer 5 Analysis Software

  • Kvaser USB can II HS/HS (or HS/LS; HS/SWC) + X-Analyser Analysis Software

  • icM4011-dsPIC based CAN application module

  • User Interface Board (UIB-PC104)

  • LPC213x-ARM based CAN application module

  • Kvaser Leaf Pro-LIN Adapter

  • CAN-Spy

  • PCAN-LIN Adapter

  • Baby-LIN-RM LIN module with i/o

  • Baby-LIN-RC LIN bus commander

  • Lipowsky Baby LIN Adapter

Part II: Embedded Software

(1) USB Interface Communication Program: Provides the sample code of
     application program for the communication between PC USB and Main
     Control Board.
(2) CAN Interface Communication Program: provides the sample code of
     application program for CAN communication between PC USB and Main
     Control Board.
(3) RS232 Interface Communication Program: Provides the sample code of
     application program for on board RS-232 communication.
(4) LIN Interface Communication Program: Provides the sample code of
     application program for LIN Master/Slave communication between PC USB
     and Main Control Board.
(5) Module Board Control Programs: Provides the Sample Code for module

Part III: PC-end Software

(1) USB function: Plug & Play PC-end driver can communicate with Main Board.
(2) CAN function: Set CAN Baud Rate, Message Viewer and Message Sender
     (Send/Receive from CAN nodes of Main Control Board)
(3) LIN function: Set LIN Baud Rate, Message Viewer (Receive from LIN node
     of Main Control Board).
(4) Module Board function: Monitor and control the function of each module
(5) Diverse CAN Adapters can be applied to the Main Control Board to
     Send/Receive messages.

PDF Download

     Download CAN/LIN Training Kit (BGC-CAN101) Specification 

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