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 Embedded DPA(eDPA)

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Embedded DPA(eDPA)


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Embedded DPA(eDPA)
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Embedded DPA (eDPA) is designed and manufactured by the Dearborn Group as a general purpose board-level module for vehicle networking applications.

DG has provided this solution for many individual customers who are looking for a specific set of vehicle protocols to be supported on a small form factor computer board. Often this solution becomes an integral part of the customer’s overall hardware solution, keeping costs low by not only leveraging our previous work, but licensing our IP if required.

Dearborn Group is the recognized leader and pioneer is providing vehicle network solutions to the heavy duty, automotive and industrial markets. Industry vehicle protocols and standards for the heavy duty, automotive, construction or any other vehicle can now be incorporated directly into your product. Dearborn Group extends our product line to include our
eDPA board level solutions for inclusion into your hardware.

DG supplies all the technical information required to successfully and easily interface our design with yours, while providing any customized package of protocol support. This can be our intellectual property based on our decades of experience in vehicle networks and technology, your IP, on-going maintenance support, making your project a quick turn-key solution for your customers.

Protocol Mini-Module
DG Technology’s
eDPA is designed for private branding with the addition of proprietary protocols, hardware, features and logos. Many firms have chosen this route to provide their own branded diagnostic hardware, or in solutions where vehicle vehicle diagnostics and networks are a subset of what is provided by the overall branded solution.

The eDPA and incorporated protocols provides a validated platform that can also be conveniently used on other manufacturers’s subsystems, while DG maintains compatibility of hardware and software with emerging systems.

The Protocol Mini-Module hardware is delivered programmed on a small form factor board level solution, using the appropriate package of vehicle network protocol and support. DG supplies the hardware solution, software, schematics, and assistance for the protocols that are to be supported. DG can also completely design your project to your specifications.

Software Options
Custom applications can be developed using a
eDPA to read and write to a vehicle or network system using programs such as C, Visual Basic, Visual C and LabView. The eDPA is generally designed to accept and provide commands from almost every type of proprietary hardware.

Wireless Options
DG has expertise with IEEE 802.11 WiFi, Zigbee and BlueTooth wireless technologies, and can assist in implementing these into your project. Nearly any protocol, wired or wireless, can be implemented with
eDPA, as our eDPAis quite flexible to adapt to your needs.

Key Benefits

  • Design DG Technology’s experience in vehicle networks into your own project!
  • Dearborn Group provides: hardware design, software design, vehicle network protocol support, and technical documentation.
  • Design assistance and support, or complete Turn-Key solution at a lower cost.
  • You provide: Real estate in your system, and your engineering expertise.
  • Useful for development, end-of-line testing, system diagnostics, data acquisition and Hardware-in-the-Loop simulation.
  • RP1210A and RP1210B compliant.
  • Supports numerous customizable vehicle network standards and protocols including J1939, J1708/J1587, CAN (ISO 11898), GM Class 2, and many, many more.
  • Supports customizable sets and/or subsets of available software such as Cummins, Detroit Diesel, Wabco/Meritor, Caterpillar, Mack, Allison, Eaton, Navistar and many more.
  • Developed in the USA, USA maintenance and support thru our companies and affiliates.

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