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 Genius Device Simulator

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Genius Device Simulator


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Genius Device Simulator
Genius 百萬網格TCAD模擬



傳統的 TCAD 器件模擬時間週期過長,效率低下,一直是很多用戶的困擾。新一代三維並行器件模擬軟體,Genius,可以幫助客戶完美的解決這些問題。Genius 是我們引以為豪的產品,這款軟體內嵌先進的並行計算技術,使得模擬規模大,效率高。Genius 是跨越 10-晶體管壁壘 的商業 TCAD 模擬軟體,它使得對一些電路單元的模擬變得可能,比如反相器、6管 SRAM、鎖存器和觸發器,並且模擬時間可以降低一個數量級,極大的提高了模擬效率。

Genius 採用全新的設計方法,在這點上超越目前市場上的其他 TCAD 軟體。它具有並行、兼容性、可擴展性的特點,這些先進的理念也是軟體設計的初衷。除此之外,Genius 程序模塊的搭建還採用了先進的數值模擬技術和軟體開發平台。

Genius 的並行計算方法可以大幅度減少模擬時間,從時間週期上允許對超大的單個器件、或者包含數個器件的電路模塊進行模擬,消除使用其他的 TCAD 軟體處理這些問題時遇到的的困難。



  • 漂移-擴散模型
  • 晶格熱模型
  • 能量平衡模型
  • 直流、交流和瞬時模擬模型
  • 電路/器件混合模擬模型
  • 多達 30 多種材料的材料庫
  • 寬範圍載流子模型
  • 衝擊離化模型
  • 帶-帶隧穿模型
  • 載流子缺陷捕獲模型
  • 霍爾效應
  • 三維光線追蹤算法
  • 二維有限元光線算法
  • 三維總劑量效應模型
  • 基於 GDSII 版圖的器件模型構建
  • 可與其他主流 TCAD 模擬數據交互

Genius is a parallel, 2D/3D device simulator featuring a wide range of physical models and materials:

  • Drift-diffusion model
  • Lattice heating model
  • Energy balance model
  • DC, AC and transient simulation modes
  • Circuit/Device mixed simulation
  • Material library with 25 material types
  • A wide range of mobility models
  • Impact ionization model
  • Band-to-band tunneling model
  • Carrier trapping at defects.

Genius is designed to take advantage of massively parallel computers, which have become very affordable. With a 4-node, 32-core cluster, Genius is able to reduce simulation time by 90% (see chart). Genius can handle large device structures and even circuit cells such as CMOS inverter and SRAM.

With the unprecedented performance and capability, Genius is the more powerful, yet more affordable TCAD solution designed to meet your growing TCAD requirements.

Proven Technology

Since late 1960s, there has been enormous research effort on TCAD simulation in both academia and industry. At Cogenda, we build our simulators on top of the aggregation of past experiences. Although Genius is a complete new design, it is based on the proven technologies widely accepted in the community. We do check from time to time on whether our simulator can reproduce the well-calibrated studies.

For instance, the “Well-Tempered” bulk MOSFET project is a frequent reference data source we check against. In Figure 1, the simulation results obtained from Genius is compared to that reported in literature, and very good agreement is observed.

Intuitive GUI

Genius comes with user-friendly GUI. A screenshot of the device structure builder is shown in Figure 3. For educational users, there is also a simple and intuitive GUI specifically designed for device learners.

License Options

Genius is available in three versions, namely the Lite, Professional and Enterprise versions, as shown in the table below. The exact price would depend on the add-on services requested.

Features Lite PRO Enterprise
Drift-diffusion model v v v
Lattice-temperature model x v v
Energy balanced model x v v
2D mesh elements v v v
3D mesh elements x v v
Parallel computation x x v



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