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 VisualTCAD Device Simulation

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VisualTCAD Device Simulation


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VisualTCAD Device Simulation
Visual TCAD - User Graphic Interface for Device Simulation

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VisualTCAD is a graphical user interface for device simulator Genius. VisualTCAD is designed to suit novice TCAD users and students, and focuses on ease of use. Using TCAD has never been as easy, no more command line or coding is required. Beginners will be able to get started within just a few minutes. On the other hand, it doesn^t sacrifice the power of Genius. All the physical models and options are accessible with VisualTCAD.

VisualTCAD is an integrated environment for semiconductor device simulation. Based on the advanced 3D parallel simulation engine “Genius” and with the intuitive GUI, VisualTCAD is our ultimate choice for device researchers and learners.

VisualTCAD is capable of device simulation of 2D and 3D, SPICE circuit simulation and mixed device/circuit simulation. It consists of the following modules:

  • Device Model Drawing
  • Circuit Schematic Capturing
  • Device Simulation Control
  • Circuit/Device Mixed-Mode Simulation
  • Visualization
  • Text Editor
  • Spreadsheet
  • X-Y Graphs


High Performance Parallel Simulation

The simulation engine behind VisualTCAD is designed to take advantage of parallel computers. With a 4-node, 32-core cluster, Simulation time is reduced by almost 10 times. Simulation of large device structures, such as CMOS circuit cells and SRAM memory cells has become practical.

High Quality Mesh

The intelligent mesh generator produces adaptive and high quality mesh with little user tuning, and leads to faster convergence and more accurate simulation results.

Advanced Features for Pro-Users

Professional users may directly control all physical parameters and switches with the text-based commands. VisualTCAD is fully scriptable with the Python language, all modeling, simulation and analysis steps can be automated via scripting.

Versatile Visualization

One can visualize the selected parts of the device structure and make 3D/2D pseudo-color plots, contour plots and vector-field plots of any variables in the device.

Animation of simulation results enables dynamic visualization of complex physical processes. The microscopic world of electrons and holes is made tangible with VisualTCAD.

VisualTCAD is a highly integrative GUI. It covers the following aspects of your device simulation needs:

  • Device model building
  • Device and Circuit Simulation
  • Data Analysis
  • Visualization

Surprisingly Easy to Use

VisualTCAD is accessible to novice users by hiding the technical details behind the scene. While hundreds of parameters and options can be tuned in VisualTCAD, a set of wellthought-out default settings are assumed, and beginners can just click-and-go. VisualTCAD supports infinite undo and redo, so one can experiment and explore without worry.

Device-Circuit Mixed Simulation

VisualTCAD provides seemless integration with circuit simulators. One can simply draw circuit diagrams and place TCAD device in the circuit. A large library of common circuit components is included.

Data Analysis

Simulation results can be analyzed in spreadsheet. Not only terminal voltages and currents are extracted, internal variables can be probed as well. One can do general mathematical calculations in the spreadsheet, and make professional-quality graphics in the XY-plotter.

VisualTCAD Licenses

There are three different licenses, depending on your needs:

Student Edition:

  • Drift diffusion solvers
  • Device-circuit mixed simulation
  • Ray-tracing optics

Professional Edition:

  • 4-way parallel computation
  • Drift diffusion solvers
  • Lattice-heating / Energy-balance
  • Densiy-gradient quantum correction
  • Device-circuit mixed simulation
  • Ray-tracing optics

Advanced Edition:

  • 32-way parallel computation
  • Drift diffusion solvers
  • Lattice-heating / Energy-balance
  • Density-gradient quantum correction
  • Half-implicity fast solver
  • Device-circuit mixed simulation
  • Ray-tracing optics

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