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 DiagRA MCD Toolset

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DiagRA MCD Toolset


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DiagRA MCD Toolset
DiagRA MCD Toolset


The DiagRA MCD Toolset is an applications and diagnostics tool for working with electronic control units in the automotive industry, and is offered by partnership between Dearborn Group Technology & RA Consulting GmbH, two leading companies in the world of in-vehicle networks and automotive development.

DiagRA MCD Toolset

DiagRA MCD Toolset is an integrated development package for application engineers in the automotive arena. The DiagRA MCD Toolset is an applications and diagnostics tool for working with electronic control units in the automotive industry. It combines advanced diagnostic development features with calibration using CCP and DAQ utilizing A2I, Can.db, and SMB as well as a generic scan-tool.

The DiagRA MCD Toolset is fully modular and fully scalable - meaning that you can start off with any one, or any combination of the modules, and then upgrade the package to include any of the available modules as needed. A wide range of Operating System availability, supporting nearly every commonly-used hardware device, including all of DG^s products as well as many J2534, PCMCIA, RS232, and USB-to-CAN devices make this the perfect toolset to use across disparate platforms.

A highly competitive licensing and maintenance scheme ensures this product is a ‘must-have’ for many OEMs and suppliers that are struggling to ensure commonality across departments and application areas with shrinking budgets.

DiagRA MCD Toolset - Standards

ASAM standards are supported and new developments such as ODX and XCP are supported as these standards roll out. In particular, ISO 15765: Road vehicles — Diagnostics on Controller Area Networks (CAN), (International Organization for Standardization, 2004), is required in many countries, and Part 3 of that standard, refers to the implementation of Unified Diagnostic Services (UDS) on CAN.

In order to implement UDX, RA Consulting has selected Open Diagnostic eXchange format (ODX), an XML-based ASAM standard for describing diagnostically relevant ECU data, which is now available on the DiagRA MCD Toolset product line. ODX is currently being jointly developed by ASAM and ISO, and in the future is anticipated to be proposed as an ISO standard. Vehicle, ECU and tester manufacturers can use the uniform, OEM-independent ODX format to describe and exchange ECU diagnostic data. ODX was designed to be an open exchange format, and we believe it is the best choice for use in joint projects between automotive OEMs.

DiagRA MCD Toolset - Other Features & Benefits

Proprietary implementations can also be accommodated rapidly. It is a integration of the already widespread tools: MescaRA, CalimeRA, Codes and DiagRA. The functional range continues to exist in the three options DiagRA M, DiagRA C and DiagRA D.

The significant advantage for the user is in particular the common use of the device driver for the interface hardware, of protocols and parsers for the descriptive files in A2L or DBC format. Acquired data can be used across all tools. It is thus possible to graphically display series of measurements from diagnostic measured value blocks for comparison purposes in DiagRA M and to simultaneously calibrate it in the DiagRA C adjustment option.

On-line operation can be started and terminated from all three parts of the toolset. Thereby, whenever it is technically possible, the same interface hardware is used. In spite of this, for example if there are several CAN buses, it is still possible to operate several interfaces. The settings necessary for this can be carried out centrally.

During this integration process it was particularly important to ensure that the individual toolset options could run separately. The approximately 5000 users of our DiagRA diagnostics tool will be able to find this again completely in the DiagRA D software. For the upgrade all that’s required is a valid software maintenance contract. Each of the current users can buy the other options and add them to his tool, which is already on an operating system, by means of a simple upgrade, provided they are available on the same operating system.

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Here are the details on the various DiagRA MCD Toolset components.


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