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 Customized Truck Solutions

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Customized Truck Solutions


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Customized Truck Solutions
Customized Truck Solutions
Part No: MPDG-CAN-Customized

DG Technology Engineers are available to develop custom solutions for your Heavy-Duty Truck & Bus, construction, and agricultural equipment in-vehicle networking projects.

Our hardware and software-capable staff will evaluate your needs and create special results.

We have a successful 20 year track record of specialized project completion for many Fortune 100 Truck & Bus, Automotive, and other companies, as well as government entities.

These specialized needs may include:

  • Simple changes to our products

  • Integration of complete hardware/software solutions

  • Private labeling of current products

  • Rapid Prototyping - Dearborn Group^s Rapid Prototyping utilizes a group of both standardized and advanced technologies for converting designs from computer representations directly into solid objects, often with minimal human intervention. While these technologies are generally referred to as computer-automated fabrication, the first rapid prototyping process was developed in the late 1980s. Since that time, several other competing processes have been developed, and DG Technology is aware of each new capability. While each process is unique and has benefits above other processes, potential users of these technologies must understand each process and realize the advantages and limitations that each may provide. DG Technology is can be your partner in rapid prototyping, using our expertise and your knowledge to develop optimal results, saving both time and costs.

Below is a tabular categorization of some of our capabilities. Additionally, view our Success Stories to read details regarding our projects and capabilities. Better yet, talk to our sales representatives about your consulting projects and needs.




  • Wireless Telematics Gateways for Remote Diagnostics

  • Protocol Vehicle Gateways

  • OEM-labeled tools

  • Flight Recorder applications

  • On-board computing solutions

  • Vehicle Network-based Collision Avoidance System Integration

  • Custom Interfaces for EOL Functional Testers

  • Dealer Diagnostic Solutions




Programming Languages

  • C, C++

  • Visual Basic

  • LabView, LabWindows CVI

  • and many others...

Low-level Drivers

  • TCP/IP

  • RS-232

  • USB

  • ...and many others!

Hardware Design


Networks Supported


  • CAN

  • J1850

  • J1939

  • J1708

  • J2284

  • KWP2000

  • J1587

  • DeviceNet networks

  • J2534

  • Honda UART

  • LIN

  • ...and many others!

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