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Part No.

Basic license for OPC Storage, Bridge, Optimizer, Tunnel, Concentrator, Filter, Collector and OPCtoDataBase


Extension licence to OPC-EC-BCL for the access to max. XX OPC servers at the same time with XX = 10, 20, 50, or 100;

OPC Tunnel provides a safe and easy method to enable OPC communication across networks - without having to spend hours on configuring the system and without requiring any programming. The possibilities are amazing:

  • Easy remote access to your system over the Internet

  • OPC communication across firewall boundaries

  • Takes just three minutes to configure

  • Fast and reliable data connection

  • Secure communication through just one open port

  • No programming required!


  • Establishment of OPC communication between networks within just a few minutes

  • One-second monitoring ensures aborted connections to be detected quickly

  • OPC Tunnel automatically reconnects OPC links after aborted communication sessions

  • Unlike with OPC via DCOM, there is no need to expose computers to unauthorized access from the outside

  • Logging functions that are activated during runtime provide an overview of all relevant activities in your system

  • Supports OPC DA 1.0a, 2.0, 3.0 and AE 1.1

  • Can run as an application or as a Windows service

System requirements

  • Windows NT 4, 2000, XP, 2003, Vista

  • Windows CE 5.0
    Request for information on OPC Tunnel integration in embedded CE solutions at: Info Automation

Included in package

  • CD-ROM

  • Printed 〝Getting Started〞 manual

  • Online help in German and English

Get started without installing!

Additional information

Downloads (free demo software, drivers etc.)

Possible applications:

OPC Tunnel

Softing’s OPC Tunnel enables a safe and secure method of network-spanning OPC communication while eliminating the problems associated with the configuration of DCOM security settings. This saves time and minimizes time-consuming calls to the vendor’s support staff.

OPC Tunnel removes the burden of figuring out how to network OPC clients and servers running on different platforms, in different network domains, and even in completely separated networks. Data exchange is fast, robust and reliable.

Fast start-up with Softing OPC Tunnel

OPC Tunnel is part of Softing’s OPC Easy Connect Suite. Used as a DCOM bypass, OPC Tunnel enables high-performance and robust communication between OPC components on networked computers. OPC Tunnel components are installed on both the OPC client computer and the OPC server computer.

Communication between the client-side and server-side OPC Tunnel components is via a TCP/IP connection (encrypted, if desired). The data between client and server applications is thus tunneled via TCP/IP, bypassing DCOM completely while eliminating time-consuming and nerve-wracking DCOM setup work.

     Download OPC Tunnel(OPC-EC-BCL-T) Specification 

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