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 OPC Concentrator(OPC-EC-BCL-C)

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OPC Concentrator(OPC-EC-BCL-C)


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OPC Concentrator(OPC-EC-BCL-C)
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Part No.:
Basic license for OPC Storage, Bridge, Optimizer, Tunnel, Concentrator, Filter, Collector and OPCtoDataBase

Extension licence to OPC-EC-BCL for the access to max. XX OPC servers at the same time with XX = 10, 20, 50, or 100;

The OPC Concentrator combines several OPC servers into a single server by consolidating the namespaces and OPC items of multiple OPC servers. This delivers significant advantages for the design and implementation of our automation projects:

  • Relieves project engineers in setting up visualization or control system applications
  • Facilitates the management of large systems
  • Standardized access to third-party systems by encapsulating different namespaces and item addresses
  • No programming required!


  • Concentrates several different namespaces into a single namespace
  • Consolidates data from several OPC servers into a single OPC server
  • Facilitates the management of large projects
  • Saves the project engineer time and effort in setting up communication relationships
  • No programming required
  • Supports OPC DA 1.0a, 2.0, 3.0, XML-DA 1.0, AE 1.1
  • Can run as an application or as a Windows service
  • Comes with its own Web server diagnostic interface

System requirements

Windows NT 4, 2000, XP, 2003, Vista

Included in package

  • CD-ROM
  • Printed 〝Getting Started〞 manual
  • Online help in German and English

Downloads (free demo software, drivers etc.)

Possible applications:

OPC Concentrator

The OPC Concentrator combines several OPC servers into a single server by consolidating the namespaces and OPC items of multiple OPC servers. This saves the project engineer time and effort when setting up client applications, and it facilitates the management of large systems.

After the OPC Concentrator has been started, the namespaces of all OPC servers that are defined in the configuration file are read and integrated into the namespace of the OPC Concentrator.

Standardized data access:

Using the OPC Concentrator, several OPC clients can access several OPC servers with different namespaces. Depending on the specific implementation of the vendor, OPC servers can provide either a flat or a hierarchical namespace.

Furthermore, the structure of an OPC server’s namespace and the semantics to address variables in an OPC server significantly differs from vendor to vendor. Using the OPC Concentrator makes it
possible to standardize and harmonize data access and, ultimately, communication.

Cascading of OPC servers:

The data of several OPC servers is bundled and concentrated into one OPC server through the OPC Concentrator. The data of several OPC Concentrators can then be concentrated into another OPC Concentrator, enabling the clear structuring of complex systems that comprise a large number of OPC servers.

Distributing the OPC Concentrators among different computers that are connected via DCOM, can also improve overall performance.

     Download OPC Concentrator(OPC-EC-BCL-C) Specification 

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