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 OPC Storage(OPC-EC-BCL-S)

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Basic license for OPC Storage, Bridge, Optimizer, Tunnel, Concentrator, Filter, Collector and OPCtoDataBase


Do you want to exchange data between two OPC clients?

Do you want to test you OPC client and need an OPC server simulator?

OPC Storage emulates any kind of OPC server and offers the following advantages:

  • It connects control systems, SCADA systems or applications that do not have an OPC server interface

  • It enables you to simulate any OPC server - without hardware or process peripherals

  • It is suited for the systematic testing of any OPC clients

  • No programming required


  • OPC Client / OPC Client Gateway

  • Intelligent data storage which can receive configurable OPC items from an OPC client and pass them on to another OPC client

  • "Clones" any type of OPC server for simulation or test purposes

  • Configurable Class ID and namespace

  • Allows quality and time stamp of items to be written

  • Downtime monitoring through Heartbeat and Watchdog

  • Static and dynamic namespace

  • Supports OPC DA 1.0a, 2.0, 3.0, XML-DA 1.0

  • Can run as an application or as a Windows service

  • Comes with its own Web server diagnostic interface

System requirements

  • Windows NT 4, 2000, XP, 2003, Vista

Included in package

  • CD-ROM
  • Printed 〝Getting Started〞 manual
  • Online help in German and English

Get started without installing!

Multimedia tutorial


Downloads (free demo software, drivers etc.)


Possible applications:

OPC Storage
The OPC Storage configuration defines OPC items that transfer data between OPC clients.

OPC Storage as gateway between OPC client applications


OPC Storage can be started from any OPC client application. It is available to any OPC client application if it was started as a Windows service. The first time an OPC client application accesses OPC Storage, the default namespace of the OPC Storage is provided, for example, Node1 with Tag1 and Tag2, Node2 with Tag1 and Tag2.

The OPC namespace of OPC Storage can be statically defined in the OCT configuration file or extended dynamically by the OPC clients by creating items. The items of the namespace may be of any data type covered by the OPC specifications. These data types also support fixed- and variable-length arrays.

The StorageWatchdog system item allows communication between OPC Storage and the OPC client(s) to be monitored.

OPC Storage

OPC clients that have control functionality but no OPC server interface (e.g. LabView) can actively transfer data to other OPC clients.

OPC Storage as OPC server simulation for testing OPC client applications

OPC Storage can be used as a server simulator for testing OPC clients. The name, Class ID, Prog ID and namespace of the server simulator (OPC Storage) can be configured. Read and write test sequences are controlled by any OPC client.

OPC Storage allows the quality and time stamp of items to be written. This enables users to simulate real-world conditions for testing OPC clients without devices, provoke error states, conduct load tests, etc

OPC Storage

Downtime is monitored with a Heartbeat and Watchdog OPC item. If the client that assumes the role of the server no longer updates the data, the client that is to be tested is notified accordingly.


     Download OPC Storage(OPC-EC-BCL-S) Specification 

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