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 PROFIBUS Tester 4 (BC-600-PB)

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PROFIBUS Tester 4 (BC-600-PB)


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PROFIBUS Tester 4 (BC-600-PB)
PROFIBUS Tester 4 - BC-600-PB

Part No: MPSF-PB-Tools-T4

Physical Installation Quality and Protocol Analysis

Quick and Easy Testing of Bus Physics and Bus Communication


Combines all in one device:

  • Signal Tester
  • Protocol Analyzer
  • Storage Oscilloscope

Use Cases:

  • Troubleshooting
  • Preventive Maintenance
  • Setup and Commissioning
  • Documentation
  • Acceptance Testing
  • Optimization
  • Laboratory Tests



  • Time saving because it is easy to use and results are self-explanatory
  • Cost saving, no expert knowledge necessary


  • Full bus testing without a Notebook and without operative PLC possible
  • Bus-check possible during running operation
  • Combines the diagnostic functions of previously separate tools in one device
  • With a single mouse click (PC mode) or a single push of a button (stand-alone mode) a full examination of a PROFIBUS network is initiated
  • The PC software provides many additional features for executing, analyzing, and managing bus tests.
  • A status bar continually shows the current bus state
  • Choice between quick test or user-controlled test
  • The Topology Scan feature determines the overall cable length and the cable length between slaves
  • Detailed test report
  • The Long-Term Trend view is used for detecting sporadic faults
  • In the oscilloscope and frame analyzer views, experts can perform in-depth detailed analysis
  • For bus and device tests without operative PLC, only the baud rate needs to be specified – no configuration or parameterization is required.

Technical Data

Property Value
Power Supply Via External AC Adapter 100 V .. 240 VAC 50/60 Hz (Galvanically Isolated) or Direct Connection to 24 VDC ±20%, Approx. 0.5 A (Without Galvanic Isolation)
RS485 (DP) PROFIBUS D-Sub Connector, 9 Pins, Power Supply for External Bus Termination
Protocol and Frame Analysis:
PROFIBUS DP and DPV1, Automatic Baud Rate Detection 9.6 Kbit/s .. 12 Mbit/s
Signal Analysis:
PROFIBUS DP, DPV1, FMS and MPI; Signal Qality Index 0 .. 5000 Determined from Signal Waveform as well as Signal/Noise Ratio and Rise Time; Signal Sampling with 8/16 Samples per Bit
Oscillogram display:
Test Range: ±5V at 10mV Resolution (Differential), 0V...15V at 15mV Resolution (A or B to DGND); Sampling Rate: Up to 384MSamples/s; Sampled Points: 2,400 (Signal Details), 8,192 (Oscillogram Analysis)
Topology scan:
Active, Maximum Distance 230 m, Accuracy ±2 m
USB V 2.0, High Speed 480 Mbit/s, Galvanically Isolated
Trigger OUT: approx. 5 V, Active Low, Connection to Storage Oscilloscope
Internal Memory Capacity 10 Memory Locations for Quick Tests, 1 Trend Log, for 41 Days Maximum
Dimensions HxWxD: 35mm x 170mm x 110mm

Test Tool, No Cable: Approximately 0.45kg; Complete Carrying Case: Approximately 3.9kg

Ambient Conditions
  • Operating Temperature: 0 .. 50 °C,   Storage Temperature: -20 .. 70 °C,
  • Air Humidity: 10 .. 90% without Condensation
Conformity CE, FCC, VCCI
Operation Via Four-Line Display and Four Function Keys or via PC/Notebook.
Display Localization: DE,EN,FR,IT,PL,ES (without National Language Specific Characters)
PC Operating Software PROFIBUS Diagnostic Suite, see Separate Manual

Order Information


  • PROFIBUS Tester 4 "All-In-One" Test Tool for PROFIBUS DP Bus Physics and Communication
  • Carrying Case
  • Wide-Range Power Supply with European and U.S. Power Cables
  • Connection Cable for 24VDC Direct Power Supply
  • "Standard" D-Sub PROFIBUS Adapter Cable
  • USB Cable
  • Terminal Block for Trigger Input/Output
  • User Manual
  • PB-DIAG-SUITE PC Software on CD-ROM With Getting Started Manual



  • RS485 D-Sub Adapter Cable for Testing of Live PROFIBUS Segments with Reduced Influence on their Operation


  • D-Sub to M12 Adapter Set with T-Piece and M12 Bus Termination for PROFIBUS DP


  • Digital Fieldbus Leakage Current Clamp for Locating EMC Problems, 40 ..1000 Hz, MIN/MAX, Data Hold, Measuring Cables, supplied in a Handy Case (fits in Empty Compartment of Carrying Case)


  • D-Sub Service Interface with Active Bus Termination and 90° Angled Connector for PROFIBUS DP


  • M12 Service Interface for PROFIBUS DP, Comprising M12 T-Piece, End Cap and M12 Connection Cable (1 m)

     Download PROFIBUS Tester 4 (BC-600-PB) Specification 

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