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 PROFIBUS PA Diagnostic Monitor(BC-230-PB)

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PROFIBUS PA Diagnostic Monitor(BC-230-PB)


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PROFIBUS PA Diagnostic Monitor(BC-230-PB)
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Part No. MPSF-PB-Tools-BC-230-PB

Area of application

The Profibus PA Diagnostic Monitor, BC-230-PB, is used to examine the operation of a live Profibus-PA segment without interfering with its operation. It is powered by the fieldbus so that no battery or external power source is required. The monitor is useable also in hazardous areas. It is intended for maintenance personnel to verify segment operation or to troubleshoot an errant segment.

Measurement Functions

  • automatic segment test gives a OK/BAD indication without operator intervention
  • detects number of devices on the segment
  • displays device addresses decimal and hexadecimal
  • indicates device add & drop
  • displays number of detected retransmissions
  • displays signal level for all devices with indication of the lowest detected signal level
  • detects short circuits between either of signal wires and cable shield
  • measures average and peak noise in three bands: below, at and above fieldbus frequency
  • segment reports via USB to PC, displayed as Microsoft® Excel chart

Sample extract of a report PDF: 362 kB

     Download PROFIBUS PA Diagnostic Monitor(BC-230-PB) Specification 

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