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 PBpro PC/104plus(PB-PRO1-PC104+)

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PBpro PC/104plus(PB-PRO1-PC104+)


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PBpro PC/104plus(PB-PRO1-PC104+)
PBpro PC
1-channel, master/Slave

Part No.
PRO1-PC104+ (master/slave)

MPSF-PB-IF-PRO1-PC104+XT (master/slave, -25°C..+75°C)

MPSF-PB-IF-PRO1S-PC104 (slave)

MPSF-PB-IF-PRO1S-PC104+XT (slave, -25°C..+75°C)

Area of application

Active, one-channel PC/104plus interface card to connect a PC to a PROFIBUS network. The card operates as master or slave and is suited both to fast control and visualization tasks and to parameterization and analysis applications.


  • Active card with its own microcontroller
  • Universal PC/104plus interface for 5V and 3.3V systems with active PCI and passive ISA bus
  • extended temperature range variant available (-40 .. +85 °C)
  • master and slave operation with the same card
  • optimized for high-speed data exchange
  • API for DP-V0 und DP-V1 Master, DP-Slave, FMS, FDL
  • Drivers for Windows 7, Vista, XP, 2000, Linux drivers for Kernel 2.6
  • also available as "DP Slave"-only
  • Within the scope of customer-specific integration additional functions are available. 
    • DP-V2 Master
    • redundancy
    • application synchronization
    • automatic baud rate recognition when operated as a class 2 master
  • The following realtime environments are supported:
    • Windows Embedded CE 6.0
    • VxWorks support for integration (upon request)
    • QNX (as option, not as free download)
  • Add-Ons for visualization and parameterization
  • Free driver for STEP7 and PDM
  • also available as PCI/104 card (upon request)


  • Supports the latest PC/104plus and PCI/104 standards
  • High-performance DP/DP V2 stack
  • Ideally suited for demanding embedded PC applications

Included in package

  • PBpro PC/104plus (1-channel, master/slave)
  • Free driver download

Additional information

Downloads (free demo software, drivers etc.)


     Download PBpro PC/104plus(PB-PRO1-PC104+) Specification 

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