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 RS232 To Bluetooth Converter(wireless)

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RS232 To Bluetooth Converter(wireless)


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RS232 To Bluetooth Converter(wireless)
RS232 To Bluetooth Converter

Part No:MP-WL-EB-RS232

It allows any device with an RS-232 port to communicate wirelessly .

No software installation is needed and no changes in the exiting system are required. The Serial Port Adaptor is used in any application currently using an RS-232 cable.

It also can communicate with other Bluetooth device, such as another Serial Port Adaptor .


Key Feature :

  • Replace any existing RS-232 cable

  • Full Bluetooth 1.2 support

  • No external software needed.

  • Easy to mount

  • Easy to config Baud Rate.

  • Support baudrate Max 115.2k B.P.S . Min 4800 B.P.S.

  • Plug-In-Design, 5 V DC external Power supply

  • E-P132-B2-S 30 feet ( Built-in Antenna ) CLASS 2

  • E-P132-B2-L 100 feet ( Enhance Antenna ) CLASS 2

  • E-P132-B1-L 300 feet ( Enhance Antenna ) CLASS 1




  • ABS cover transparent blue

  • Dimensions 110x43x20 mm

  • Weight: 150 grams


  • Bluetooth Interface:

  •  Supported Bluetooth Profiles: Generic Access Profile, Serial Port Profile

  •  Bluetooth radio: class 2 / class 1

  • Serial interface: RS-232 female DSUB-9 connector

  •  Power connector : External adapter with DC Jack 1,3 mm

  • Power supply : 5V DC/ 500mA, current consumption 80 mA

  • Plug-and Play environments

  • Operating temperature +5- +55°C

  • Storage temperature –25 - +70°C

  • External ANT optional SMA connector


User manual :

Setup device (device to device) :

  1. configuration the device to the expected baud rate .

  2. pairing the devices

  3. plug DC power , the device will auto connect,
    (if the devices has been paired )


Configure Baud Rate :

  1. Setting The serial port software to the expected BAUD rate and 8 bit data , no parity ,one stop bit. (example windows Hyper Terminal ).

  2. Hold down the “key “ and then plug DC power. The Green LED flash indicate which baud rate is setting

Flash 1 time

Flash 2 times

Flash 3 times

Flash 4 times

Flash 5 times

Flash 6 times

4800 bps

9600 bps





  1. release the “key”

  2. toggle the “key” until the software received the correct baud rate character.(example : baud rate 115.2k ),Press the key one time the baud
    rate will increase and the Green led flash also increase. The baud rate increase form 9600->19200->38400->57600->115200->9600,cyclically.

  3. send any data form PC will echo back by bluetooth device.

  4. If it echo correct .indicate that configure baud rate finished

  5. remove DC power ,the configuration process is finished


Pair device (device to device)

  1. prepare two device , and plug DC power

  2. press the “key “ on both device

  3. wait 1-2 minute (for it auto pairing and communicate).

  4. if communicate finished the RED LED will indicator .


DSUB-9 PIN definition


Pin 1> NC Pin 6> DTR (data output)

Pin 2> TXD (data output) Pin 7> CTS (data input)

Pin 3> RXD (data input) Pin 8> RTS (data output)

Pin 4> DSR (data input) Pin 9> DC 5v power (in)

Pin 5> GND


     Download RS232 To Bluetooth Converter(wireless) Specification 

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