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 BluePort XP with Rechargable Battery

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BluePort XP with Rechargable Battery


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BluePort XP with Rechargable Battery
BluePort XP with Rechargable Battery Part Number


Get 24 to 30 hours of continuous connection and transferring of data on a single charge with the BluePort XP, a totally wireless and portable Class 1 Bluetooth serial adapter. Just attach the BluePort XP to a 9-pin RS232/EIA232 port, turn it on, and be connected.  With the integrated Power Pack, create wireless connections anywhere, anytime.

The BluePort XP enables wireless connections to a serial port and can be paired/linked with other Bluetooth devices including Firefly and BluePlug.  As a Class 1 Bluetooth device, the BluePort XP’s transmit range can be up to 330 feet (100 meters) depending on environmental conditions.  BluePort XP can run for 100s of hours in standby mode and is compatible with all clients running under Windows, Apple, PocketPC and other platforms including many cell phones.

External antenna (SMA jack and ANT) to maximize range, on board jumpers to switch from DTE/DCE and disable flow control so you don’t have to make cables.

Supports bi-directional RS232 signaling at a maximum rate of 232.4Kbps. Supports TX, RX, RTS, CTS. No modem control.

Status LEDs

Integral LION Battery (1.1AH), built in charger, low power consumption (50ma connected, 10ma waiting),
charged from any 5VDC power source including USB ports.

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