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 Wave Generator Xpress

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Wave Generator Xpress


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Wave Generator Xpress
Wave Generator Xpress

Part No.: MPBP-Function-Wave_Generator_Xpress

Wave Generator Xpress is a high speed USB 2.0 PC-based digital pattern generator or arbitrary digital waveform generator.

Unique Features

  • 100 MHz operation
  • Up to 32 MB memory buffer
  • 16 bit digital pattern
  • Optional external clocking
  • Output voltage 1.25V to 3.3V
  • USB-powered
  • Win32/64 GUI
  • C/C++ API included, for free!


Wave Generator Xpress (or Wave Gen Xpress / WG Xpress) is a USB 2.0 high speed digital pattern generator or arbitrary digital waveform generator. It generates arbitrary digital stimuli on up to 16 bits, 100 MByte and 100 MSample data depth per run, at up to 100 MSample/s.

It is typically used to send arbitrary stimuli to your board or chip prototype, exercise custom digital interfaces and produce arbitrary digital sample streams to your system under test. Wave Generator Xpress is a convenient, robust and compact personal pattern generator for a wide variety of test and debug tasks on electronic systems.

Wave Generator Xpress is controlled with the 8PI Control Panel Software freely licensed with the ADWG (Arbitrary Digital Waveform Generator) mode of operation. With its multiple graphical and programming (TCL/tk and C/C++) interfaces, you have many flexible options to generate stimuli, from binary or text file to whole algorithms programmed in Tcl/tk, C/C++, Visual Basic and many others.

Advanced Features

  • High-speed USB 2.0 host interface (full-speed 12 Mbps and high-speed 480 Mbps)
  • 16 output data lines for digital pattern generation
  • 8 MB internal memory buffer
  • 100 MHz maximum frequency on all signals
  • 6 control lines for in/out clocking, triggering and repetitive sequence generation
  • Maximum burst throughput: 200 MByte/s
  • Indicative actual sustainable continuous throughput: 11 MByte/s1
  • Up to 100 MByte and 100 MSample total data depth per run
  • Selectable internal (USB bus) or external power supply for I/Os voltages
  • I/O voltage from 1.25V to 3.3V
  • Delivered with the 8PI Control Panel software suite, ADWG mode of operation license included
  • Applications are:
    • ASIC, FPGA, DAC and digital board verification / characterization
    • Automated stimulus generation;
    • Data source emulation
    • Bus master emulation;
    • System debug and system prototype access;
    • IP evaluation;

Further information

What is a digital pattern generator?

A digital pattern generator is an essential stimulus source for almost every type of digital device: digital and mixed-signal ASIC, FPGA, microprocessors and microcontrollers. The digital pattern generator can be used early in the design cycle to substitute for system components that are not yet available.

Because nowadays circuits use digital interfaces that may run at more than a few 10th of megahertz, the old way to do it with microcontrollers coupled with a GPIO is not practicable any more. By substituting for missing pieces and offering maximal flexibility when generating digital logic signals, digital pattern generators speed up new product’s time-to-market.

What is included?
  1. Wave Generator Xpress device
  2. USB cable mini-B to USB type A (2 meters long)
  3. Set of colored flying lead wires
  4. License for ADWG mode of operation in 8PI Control Panel software

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