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 GP241XX Series

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GP241XX Series


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GP241XX Series

Part No.: MPBP-I2C/SPI-GP24100, MPBP-I2C/SPI-GP24116, MPBP-I2C/SPI-GP24132


GP-241xx devices are set of a high-speed programmable bidirectional interfaces that allows the stimulation and the analysis of digital electronic systems. Connected to a PC through a USB 2.0 interface and using a fully programmable hardware accelerator, GP-241xx devices enable a flexible and powerful access to electronic system boards and electronic devices under test.

The GP-241xx can be turned into an arbitrary digital pattern generator, logic analyser or serial protocol master / anlyser, that fits in 16 address/data lines and 6 control lines, up to 100 MHz (200 MByte/s burst performance). According to the device model, a total internal memory of 8 MByte, 16 MByte or 32 MByte is available.

Data / Pattern Width
Maximum Frequency
Embedded Memory
GP-24100 16 bits 100 MHz 8 MByte
GP-24116 16 bits 100 MHz 16 MByte
GP-24132 16 bits 100 MHz 32 MByte

GP-241xx devices are able to sustain a theorical continuous throughput of 48 MByte/s. The actual throughput for continuous transfer depends on the host PC performances and can be expected between 11 MByte/s and 30 MByte/s. For most usages – and only for 3.3V I/O standards –GP-241xx device is powered directly through the host PC USB connection, enabling a very quick device setup. Additionally, an external power supply can be connected to the GP-241xx devices when higher current must be sinked through the system or when another I/O voltage is required.


  • High-speed USB 2.0 host interface (full-speed 12 Mbps and high-speed 480 Mbps)
  • Configurable system interface: up to 16 bidirectional data and 8 control signals
  • System interface frequency up to 100 MHz
  • Maximum burst throughput: 200 MByte/s
  • Maximum continuous throughput: 48 MByte/s
  • Indicative actual continuous throughput: 11 MByte/s to 30 MByte/s
  • 8 MByte (GP-24100), 16 MByte (GP-24116) or 32 MByte (GP-24132) internal memory buffer
  • ‘On-the-fly operation’ – allowing up to 100 MByte total depth / run
  • Selectable internal (USB bus) or external power supply for I/Os voltages
  • System interface operating from +1.8V to +3.3V (extensible with plug-in hardware modules).
  • Delivered with the 8PI Control Panel software suite, including: documentation, drivers and
    upgradeable host control software
  • Provides multiple and flexible bidirectional access points to a system-on-board under test.
  • Applications:
    • ADWG (Arbitrary Digital Waveform Generator) / Digital Pattern Generator
    • Logic analyser o Board access through serial protocols: SPI, I²C, I²S, RS232, …
    • 8 bits/16 bits microcontroller interface
    • Bus master emulation
    • SRAM, flash interfac
    • System debug and system prototype access
    • IP evaluation
    • Recorder/player tools
    • JTAG (IEEE 1149.1) access

Case and Dimensions

Anodised aluminium case (WxLxH): 55x80x16 mm

Minimum Host PC requirements

Microsoft Windows XP / Windows Vista / Windows 7 operating systems via an USB 2.0 port connector.



     Download GP241XX Series Specification 

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