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風車太陽能屋套件 (Windmill Solar House Kit)

Part No: MPHFC-alter-Energy-Solar-House

How does the Windmill Solar House Kit work?

Windmill Solar House Kit is a combination of solar house and windmill kit. Windmill Solar House Kit is an insight into harnessing renewable solar and wind energy to provide clean, off grid, electrical power for house and office.
Windmill Solar House Kit is a perfect educational model to demonstrate: the application of clean and renewable sources of energy, such as solar and wind energy, in daily life.

Windmill Solar House Kit and Wind Energy Demonstration
When air is blown to the rotor blades, the electric motor
rotates and acts as a power generator. The generated
electricity powers the ceiling fan.

Windmill solar House Kit and Solar Energy Demonstration
When light is emitted and reaches the solar cell, the cells convert the light into electricity (electrical energy). The electrical energy then powers the electrical motor of the ceiling fan and wind turbine.

What can be gained through the Windmill Solar House Kit, Solar House series?

With this Windmill Solar House kit, you can build your own experimental Solar and Wind Powered House and install wind tower, and solar panel, as home power generators.

  • Windmill Solar House kit shows energy conversion

  • Windmill Solar House kit demonstrates the application of renewable and non-pollutant ‎energies in daily lives ‎

  • Windmill Solar House kit teaches ‎new technology appreciation

  • Fuel Cell Kit lets us discover principles of wind energy, solar energy

Windmill Solar House kit Contains:

  • Solar Cells
  • Electric Motor
  • Wind Turbine


Solar Module:

(3 V / 250 mA)

Electric Load:

2 x (20 mW)

L x W x H:

11.9" x 7.9" x 12.3"
301 x 201 x 312mm
Weight: 2.5 lb (1.14 kg)

Hydrogen and Fuel Cell company offers educational kits for education and demonstration in below categories:

  • Windmill Solar House kit, Solar House Series
  • Fuel Cell Kit, Platform Series
  • Fuel Cell Kit, Collection Series
  • Fuel Cell Kit, Green Utility House Series




Part No

Distilled Water DW-306 12 OZ (350 ml) bottle of distilled water
Lamp L-406 Halogen type, 60w, flood, 120V
Electric Connector EC-706 A pair of black and white electrical connect
Sillicon Tube ST-506 5 ft, Sillicon tubing, translucent, 0.156〞 ID 0.218〞 O


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