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Part No: MPGC-IC-EX-184B

The DSTni EX is a 30MIPS processor with 2 integrated 10/100M Ethernet channels and a PHY, 256K SRAM and many more internal peripherals. The DSTni EX has 3X the power of the  DSTni LX, and comes in a small 12x12mm BGA package with many features that make it ideal for embedded communication applications. The EX has on-chip: the microprocessor, 256K SRAM, 2x 10/100 Ethernet, 1 PHY, 4 Serial, 2 CAN, USB, SPI, I2C and many more peripherals. The extended x186 architecture allows for up to 16M bytes of memory and executes most instructions in one clock cycle - 30MIPS. The DSTni EX chip is also used inside the XPort, WiPort, and MatchPort products. EX1000000-02R

The DSTni EX is perfect for embedded applications that require two 10/100 Ethernet channels (one with built-in PHY) and other communication channels like USB 1.1, CAN, SPI, or RS232 or RS422/485. With the on-chip 256K bytes of RAM memory applications can be loaded from SPI serial flash, or external flash, or booted from the Ethernet network into the on-chip memory and execute with 0 wait state performance and no external memory devices. External memory can be added to support additional RAM or Flash for a total of up to 16M bytes.


The power of the DSTni chips is that they come with the DSTni OS royalty free real-time operating system including TCP/IP stack with webpage and email support. Other source code stacks are available for a one-time purchase, royalty free:

Ethernet/IP Stack
DeviceNet Slave Stack
CANOpen Slave Stack
Profibus Slave Stack (LX-002, LX-180 only)
Modbus TCP Stack
Modbus Stack
CAN Driver Stack

Use of all the x86 compilers and tools and code base allows developers to use existing code, use binaries provided, or develop their own software using the Borland or Paradigm development environments.

We provide complete technical support for this product with knowledgeable engineers that designed and know how to use the product.  We offer phone support and on-line chat support during regular business hours.


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