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FF Configuration and Integration Toolset (FF-CIT)

FF Configuration and Integration Toolset (FF-CIT)


FF Configuration and Integration Toolset (FF-CIT)

Configuration and Integration Toolset for FOUNDATION fieldbus

Part No: MPSF-FF-Tools-FF-CIT

Configuration Function Library for Integration Into FOUNDATION™ fieldbus Host and DCS Systems

The FF-CIT (Configuration and Integration Toolset for FOUNDATION fieldbus) provides a full set of FF configuration capabilities for integration into host or DCS systems. It supports the full functionality for online and offline configuration of FF networks and can be adapted to various network topologies.

  • Development Time and Cost Savings
  • Comprehensive Configuration Functionality
  • Use With Various Network Topologies 


Ready-to-Integrate Library for Configuration Implementation

The FF-CIT is a complete and field-proven function library for online and offline configuration of FF networks. It is especially designed to tightly integrate the different aspects of the FF configuration into Windows-based host or DCS systems.

As the FF-CIT does not include any user interface, the configuration functionality can be seamlessly incorporated into the overall look and feel of a specific host or DCS system simply by implementing individual FF configuration screens. Thus, in comparison to a full implementation of this functionality by the host or DCS system manufacturer, significant savings in development time and costs can be achieved when using the FF-CIT.

Comprehensive Customizable Configuration Functionality

The FF-CIT includes the complete FF functionality necessary to configure the topology and communication parameters of FF High Speed Ethernet (HSE) and H1 networks. It allows to configure the Function Block schedule in the FF network and to download the configuration to Linking Devices and FF H1 devices.

In addition, the FF-CIT can be integrated into proprietary FF HSE hosts. By encapsulating specific functionality into dedicated software modules, the FF-CIT enables developers to pick and choose the exact functionality needed to fit their requirements.

Support of Individual Network Topologies

The Configuration Library FF-CIT is designed by default to communicate over an FF HSE network and an FF Linking Device to reach the FF H1 field devices. However, with minor adaptations, the library is also suitable to support additional topologies according to individual system architectures.

Technical Specifications

Property Detail
Supported Operating System Windows XP, Windows 7 (32-Bit and 64-Bit), Windows Server 2008 (32-Bit and 64-Bit)
(as of October 2011)
Supported Development Environments Microsoft C#, Microsoft C++, Microsoft .NET, Microsoft Visual Studio 2008
(as of October 2011)
Localization Support Language Localization Supported
Test Support Configurable Error and Trace Logging System
Fieldbus Foundation Conformance Host Integration System Test (HIST) Requirements Supported
(Conformant to FF 61b Host Profile)

Scope of Delivery

  • Software - Configuration and Integration Toolset for FOUNDATION fieldbus
  • Documentation - Installation Guide, User‘s Guide With Sample Code, Reference Guide


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