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Part No

Part No: MPSF-Flex-EDICflex

FlexRayTM is a fast, scalable and deterministic bus system. It allows the realization of innovative distributed control functions as well as security critical applications. Due to its high bandwidth it is also used as backbone in vehicle network architectures.
FlexRay hardware platform optimized for diagnostics and flash programming
For development, simulation and test of FlexRay networks a performant and flexible hardware interface is required. Especially for complex diagnostic and flash programming applications it is essential that the protocol stacks can be downloaded and executed directly on the hardware. Only this method reliably complies with the sophisticated timing requirements.
Embedded diagnostic software module
The flexible software architecture of EDICflex allows a seamless integration of the optional 〝Embedded diagnostic module〞, which contains a protocol stack with FlexRay transport layer and UDS diagnostic service processor. Due to the implementation as embedded software module a performant platform with reliable realtime behaviour is available for diagnostics and flash programming applications like DTS. For custom specific applications the diagnostic module can be combined with an optional PDUAPI software interface. Custom specific applications and adaptions can be implemented on request as well.
Your particular advantages with Softing
  • Hardware and software optimized for diagnostics and flash programming
  • Robust realtime behaviour by protocol processing in the interface - independent from the PC operating system
  • Flexible fields of application for analysis, simulation, test, diagnostics, flash programming and custom specific applications - even in standalone operation
  • Robust housing, extended temperature range and wide power supply range for usage in the vehicle and in the lab
  • D-PDU API software for custom specific applications on request
  • Performant hardware platform
  • 2 FlexRay and 2 CAN channels with common time stamps for precise gateway test
  • Embedded diagnostic software module available for diagnostics and flash programming with robust realtime behaviour by protocol processing in the interface
  • Robust housing for flexible use in the lab, test benches, test vehicles and in production environments


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