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Hercules features database driven, user customizable software interfaces for monitoring and simulation of network data (frames, signals, and errors) on multiple networks simultaneously. Integrated within Hercules is a full-featured diagnostic handler for setup, control, and interpretation of in-vehicle diagnostics frames in accordance with ISO 15765, J1939, and GMW3110 (version 1.5).

所支援之通訊協定: CAN (canbus), GMLAN, ISO11898 (CAN), ISO15765, J1850 GM (Class 2), J1850 Ford (SCP), J1850 DCX, J1939, J1979, J2284, J2411 (GM SW), LIN and SWCAN. Includes full diagnostic services for ISO 15765, J1979, and GMLAN.

Common Applications

Application Description
Hercules provides database driven interfaces for monitoring network frame and signal data from multiple networks simultaneously based on a common time stamp. Signal data may be displayed in raw data hex format, engineering units, encoded values, and graphical displays. The software provides advanced filtering and triggering for customizable control of measurement, data logging, and display of data. Hercules simulation features are database driven and allow user defined control of data transmission requirements through a transmit frame table and scheduler. Hercules includes a built-in program block editor and compiler that allows users familiar with C programming the capabilities of creating customized applications that may be downloaded and executed directly on the hardware. Hercules’ integrated full-featured diagnostics handler allows setup, control, and interpretation of diagnostic frames in accordance with ISO 15765, J1939, and GMW 3110 (version 1.5).

Hardware Requirements and Accessories

Note: At least one of the following hardware adapters is required with the Hercules software application.

Part Number Product Name
MP-GRYPH-G2 GRYPHON® 2– a hardware adapter that provides remote connectivity via an Ethernet connection.
MP-GRYPHON-S3 GRYPHON ® S3 Featuring our high-end analyzer, Hercules, and compact S3 wireless hardware, this package is designed to support advanced communication with in-vehicle networks for use in a variety of applications including diagnostics, simulation, and various custom applications.
MP-GRYPH GRYPHON® – a hardware adapter that provides remote connectivity via an Ethernet connection.

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Product Information

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