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CAN OPC server

CAN OPC server


CAN OPC server


Part No: MPPK-CAN-Analyzer-OPC

OPC server for Controller Area Network by Fastwel

The Fastwel CAN OPC server is a Windows® application providing OPC Data Access interface for CAN devices. The version of the OPC Server can access CAN networks using all PEAK CAN Interfaces. The OPC Server supports OPC Data Access 2.0 specification and can be used with various HMI/SCADA packages.

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  • Allows the user to edit, save and restore configuration information describing the CAN network segment and messages structure
  • Allows the user to map the CAN messages data fields to OPC tags with bit granularity
  • Provides data conversion to Boolean, Integer8, Integer16, Integer32, Unsigned8, Unsigned16, Unsigned32, Real, and Double types
  • Allows the user to control OPC quality tag by setting the maximum allowed period for any input message

Scope of supply

  • Installation routine for Windows® and documentation


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