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PCAN-Explorer5 Add-in: instrument panel Add-in 3

PCAN-Explorer5 Add-in: instrument panel Add-in 3


PCAN-Explorer5 Add-in: instrument panel Add-in 3


Part No: MPPK-CAN-Analyzer-EXPLO5-instrument-Add-in 3

Optional function upgrades for PCAN-Explorer

The Instruments Panel Add-in allows the graphic representation of digital and analog signals using different display instruments. The integrated enter options and controllers mean that signals can also be produced on the CAN-bus, allowing easy simulation of complex CAN applications.


  • Representation of analog and digital signals from received CAN messages using different display instruments
  • In addition to potentiometers, switches, and sliding controllers input fields can be used to generate CAN messages
  • Selection and configuration of multiple elements at the same time
  • Extensive configuration of the properties of one or more elements using the new Property Window
  • The new Instruments Panel object model enables complete automation using COM and scripts
  • Representation of different scenes on the same panel during running time
  • Signal-dependent display of image lists and scenes
  • Free positioning of the instruments using drag & drop, or numerical inputs for spot-on positioning
  • Loading and storing of complete panel configurations

System requirements

  • PCAN-Explorer 5
  • Windows® 7/Vista/XP (32/64-bit)
  • At least 512 MB RAM and 1 GHz CPU

Scope of supply

  • Instruments Panel Add-in software
  • Documentation in HTML help format


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