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Serial to WiFi Adapter ATC-2000WF

Serial to WiFi Adapter ATC-2000WF


Serial to WiFi Adapter ATC-2000WF

Wi232 Serial to 802.11b WiFi & 10 100M Ethernet BOTH



The ATC-2000WF wireless serial device server offers wireless capabilities and a high speed serial port. This device conforms to IEEE802.11b/g wireless communication standards. The maximum distance for transmission using this device^s included antenna is 300M. Additional distance can be achieved by using a separate high gain antenna. Using a wireless device server is ideal for situations where wiring costs are high and difficult to get in place. This device is ideally suited for industrial environments, factory automation systems, and on-site monitoring.
  • 802.11b/g industrial standard wireless network interface, allows for easy access to WiFi via Access Point or Wireless Network Card
  • Built in web server can be used for remote configuration, monitoring, and maintenence of serial devices
  • Single RS-232/422/485 Serial Port
  • Supports TCP Server, TCP Client, UDP, Telnet, TFTP, DHCP, SNMP
  • Built in Watch Dog Timer: 1 second automatic hardware reset
  • 600W Surge Protection on RS-232/422/485 Serial Port
  • Integrated wireless NET and Serial Port State LED Display
  • Power Supply Voltage: +9V to +36VDC
  • Working Temperature Range: -40C to +85C

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