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ATC-2000 Industrial Single Port Serial RS232-422-485 to Ethernet Converter



The ATC-2000 is a RS232/RS422/RS485 to TCP/IP converter integrated with a robust system and network management features designed for industrial equipment to be accessed and controlled via Intranet or Internet. By integrating RTOS (Real Time Operating System) and complete TCP/IP protocol stack capability, ATC-2000 provides not only a robust and high performance system to make your device connecting to Network, but also ease installation and Internet access.

The ATC-2000 Web Configurator is easy to use and totally independent of the operating system platform you use.



  • Industrial RTOS with 16 bit processor

  • RS-232/422/485 3-in-1 serial interface 300 to 230.4KBPS baud rate

  • Baud rates up to 230K

  • 7,8 data bits, odd, even, no parity, 1 or 2 stop bits

  • CTS, RTS control signals

  • XON/XOFF, RTS/CTS flow control

  • RS-485 conversion offers automatic data control

  • Support 2, 4 wire RS-485, plugable terminal block connector

  • All serial ports have 600W lightning protection

  • 10/100M Ethernet, auto detect straight/cross cable

  • Supported protocols TCP/IP, UDP, DHCP , PPPoE, Dynamic DNS

  • Panal Mount, easy to install and fix

  • Compact size (95×65×25mm)

  • Includes AC wall power adapter

  • Can be powered using 24VDC, 8-24VDC @ 500mA

  • RoHS, CE

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