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Cinderella Viewer

Cinderella Viewer


Cinderella Viewer

The free Cinderella Viewer allows you to make SDL specifications available to all parts of your company.

The Cinderella Viewer can also be a valuable tool for exchanging SDL documents with external parties.

SDL specifications are used for system specification, design and implementation. Also they serve as system documentation. So far it has only been possible to use complete SDL tools to allow advanced browsing of such system specifications. The only alternative has been to convert the SDL specifications to Postscript or PDF format losing most of the browsing facilities.

Cinderella Viewer Features

The Cinderella Viewer is based on the Cinderella SDL CASE tool, optimized for browsing and printing SDL specifications:

  • Load SDL specifications saved in the Cinderella SDL file format.
  • Load SDL specifications saved in the interchange format (CIF). This format is supported by all commercial SDL tools, allowing you to use the Cinderella Viewer independent of your SDL CASE tool.
  • Utilize the SDL specification structure for browsing.
  • Copy and paste selected parts of an SDL specification into other applications.

Download The Free Cinderella Viewer

Cinderella Viewer 1.3 for Windows 9x/NT/2000/XP

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