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Automatic Meter Reading and Energy Audit Solutions

Automatic Meter Reading and Energy Audit Solutions


Automatic Meter Reading and Energy Audit Solutions



Metering, Energy Audit and Enterprise Integration solutions are based on its Enterprise Optimization Platform, which is a customizable and scaleable open platform for utilities, with support for remote communications support for CDMA, GPRS, GSM, PSTN, Radio, Wi-Max, Broad-band and so on as well as a host of metering protocols, customizable reports and analysis information.

AMR & Energy Audit Software: AMR and Energy Audit module of its Enterprise Optimization Platform, provides automated meter reading, billing, energy audit, revenue recover and related analysis reports, enterprise dash-board, scaleable middle-ware for enterprise connectivity including GIS, ERP, MIS, Billing, SCADA EMS/DMS and Inventory systems within the utility.

Our solution enables utilities and OEM’s to monitor, manage, control and optimize their metering systems. The metering solutions from Kalki, is based on Kalki’s Hierarchical Data Aggregation Platform (HDAP) architecture, which enable multi-protocol, multi-communication, multi-hardware, multi-application and enterprise middle-ware and data aggregation bus based remote metering. The system is capable of scaling from a small metering requirement for a utility circle to a region, state and nation-wide metering system.

Turnkey Metering System Implementation
undertakes turnkey Remote Metering  implementation for you. This turnkey implementation provides you with a centralized metering and billing system, with complete power to monitor and control in real-time. This solution, shall use the communication technology of your choice, include GSM, PSTN, RF, VSAT etc.,. This solution also provides you with integration support to your EMS and ERP for billing and other optimization purposes.

Metering Protocol ImplementationMicroport offers metering protocols like IEC 60870-5-102,  IEC 62056, DLMS and future IEC61850 for your product or project requirements.

Metering Protocol Gateways:Microport together with principals provides IEC 60870-5-102 Master and Slave OPC Server for integration with your SCADA or DNP3 Devices.

Energy Meter SMS Gateway:Microport offers gateway for energy meter to SMS, which enables meters to directly send SMS messages to mobile phones or Energy Billing Centers.

Metering Protocol Converters: Microport shall design and develop custom or general purpose protocol converters that enables your specific meter to communicate with a standard protocol to the external world.

Metering Integration Microport provides Meter integration with your SCADA or Billing Software.

Metering Consulting and Development Services

  • Project Startup Assistance
  • External Reviews
  • Knowledge transfer and training
  • Protocol Implementation Design Document (PID)
  • API requirements for customer systems & architecture
  • Designing of specific interfaces based on the current H/W and S/W setup
  • Validation Testing

Meter Protocol Validation and Training

  • Preparing test plan
  • Conformance testing
  • Training (Basic and Detailed)

Meter Protocol Life Cycle Support after development

  • Interoperability testing on site
  • Consultancy and Problem investigation service at factory and customer sites.
  • Turnkey Protocol Implementation, Validation and Life Cycle Support

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