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Phasor Gateways and PMU Data Concentrators

Phasor Gateways and PMU Data Concentrators


Phasor Gateways and PMU Data Concentrators

Protocol Gateway Products


PDC’s are ideal for integrating upto 100 PMU’s into your WAM network, as well as support multiple protocol conversions for integration with EMS Systems and WAMC and WASA Visualization systems on ICCP, DNP3, IEC 61850 and OPC as well as provide IEEE C37.118 Streaming and aggregation to Super PDC^s.

PDC Key Features:

  • 100 PMU Streams up to 60 samples per second
  • Scalable architecture
  • Real-Time Linux Operating System
  • Supports IEEE C37.118 Streaming with any vendor PMU’s on C 37.118 over UDP, TCP & Serial
  • PMU Stream aggregation on C37.118 UDP
  • Off-the shelf high end server based
  • External ODBC interface for Archiving & Analysis
  • Use friendly configuration GUI’s
  • Support for Time-Series Historian like InStep / OSI PI over C37.118
  • IEEE C37.118 Simulation Tools Provided
  • In built diagnostics
  • Out put on other EMS Protocols like:
    • ICCP / TASE.2 IEC 60870-6
    • IEC 61850
    • DNP3 / IEC 104

The key capabilities of the PMU Data-concentrators are: 

  • Phasor Gateway - Communicate to multiple PMU^s, Phasor Gateways and Control Centers over C37.118, IEC 61850, ICCP, DNP3 or OPC in a configurable and secure manner.

  • PMU Data concentrator - Communicate to multiple PMU’s and act as a PDC, sending upstream the concentrated IEEE C37.118 frames.

  • Scaleable PDC Platform - Provides for PDCs at the Substation level and Super PDC’s at the control center with expandable data crunching and data exchange capabilities.

  • Historian support for visualization & archiving for over 12 months.

  • Middleware Support - Provides support for IBM MQ and similar messaging and publish / subscribe middle-ware support, for easy integration into real-time visualization and data sharing PMU applications.

  • Protocol Converter - Convert the IEEE C37.118 frame’s into DNP3 or IEC 104 of IEC 61850 protocol messages or GOOSE Message’s for integration with SCADA Systems

  • Serial Port Pass-Through - Support Serial Port By-pass for IED Configuration or settings using device specific software tools.

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