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WiFly GSX Evaluation Kit

WiFly GSX Evaluation Kit


WiFly GSX Evaluation Kit


Part No:MPGC-PB-DK-GSX-Evaluation



The WiFly GSX Evaluation Kit makes developing and prototyping WiFly GSX applications easier. The kit includes everything needed to add high performance, robust WiFi wireless TCP/IP-serial interface to your embedded device.

The evaluation kit allows you to configure and program the WiFly GSX 802.11 b/g module using the command interface, create connections and transfer data. The command interface is made up of simple ASCII commands

Two kits are available. The full Eval kit, and the "Lite" kit. The Lite kit does not include the Antenna, Antenna Cable and the USB-to-RS232 adapter.




The evaluation kit includes the following hardware required to connect to the WiFly GSX module though the USB of your computer:
  • SURF board with WiFly GSX module
  • USB serial cable – links your computer to the SURF board (not included in Lite kit)
  • Null modem
  • 10 pin Serial cable – connects the RS232 header of the SURF board to a DB9 connector.
  • 9V battery clip
  • Antenna cable – U.FL and reverse SMA connectors (not included in Lite kit)
  • 4” rubber antenna – reverse SMA connector (not included in Lite kit)

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