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Gryphon 2

Gryphon 2


Gryphon 2

Gryphon 2



GRYPHON ® 2 是一個提供多工自動化以及汽車通訊網路遠端連結的硬體轉換器。 GRYPHON ® 2 不需要任何程式就可以自行運作一如一台獨立的產品。它使用乙太網路連結以提供高速的使用者界面,使用者可依如下方式彈性界接使用GRYPHON®2:


2.使用DG所提供的C++ library來自行撰寫應用程式。

GRYPHON ® 2擁有三個擴充槽可讓您安裝許多種選購的插入式模組 以提供使用者自己想要的(或特殊的)通訊協定。擁有這種擴充能力的好處在於它可以提供多從端(multi-client)連結的功能(例如,同時執行兩個從端的連 接(two client connection)─一個使用前述的 Hercules 高效能分析軟體,另一個則使用自己撰寫的應用程式)。

支援的通訊協定: CAN (canbus), GMLAN, GMUART, Honda, ISO9141-2, ISO11898 (CAN), ISO11992, ISO15765, J1850 GM (Class 2), J1850 Ford (SCP), J1850 DCX, J1939, J1962, J2284, J2411 (GM SW), J2534, KWP2000 (ISO14230), LIN, SWCAN, UBP.

The part number for each Plug-In Module option is DG-GRYPH-MOD-X (where the 〝X〞 represents an alphabetic letter of a specific Plug-In Module.) Refer to the Gryphon 2® Data Sheet for a list of modules that are supported. Also see Gryphon 2® / S-CAT Modules data sheet.

Note: You must also order at least one Plug-In Module for your GRYPHON ® 2 to communicate using the protocol of the selected Plug-In Module.

Common Applications

    Application Description
    GRYPHON(hardware adapter) is also used as an interface for our Hercules CAN Analyzer software tool. Hercules is our high performance Windows analyzer software with protocol support for CAN (canbus), GMLAN, ISO11898 (CAN), ISO15765, J1850 GM (Class 2), J1850 Ford (SCP), J1850 DCX, J1939, J1979, J2284, J2411 (GM SW), LIN and SWCAN.
    PV / DV Interface
    Included in test stand applications.

Available Accessories and Options

    The following items are available.

    Part Number Product Name
    MP-HERC Hercules high performance Windows analyzer software for CAN, J1850 and LIN.
    MP-GRYPH-LV GRYPHON (hardware adapter) Labview Toolkit.
    MP-PT-SOFT Embedded pass-through software that translates between two modules.
    MP-ETHERNET-PCCARD Ethernet PCMCIA card for your PC. Lets you conveniently add an Ethernet interface.
    MP-OBDII-O-CABLE 6-foot open-ended OBDII cable.
    MP-ETHERNET-X-CABLE Available in either straight-through (S) or crossed (C).
    MP-OBDII-DB15-CABLE Custom J1962 cable for connection to GRYPHON (hardware adapter) shared module connector.
    MP-INTERFACE-CABLE 6-inch OBDII cable with DB9 male connector.
    MP-OBDII-EMC-CABLE 6-inch J1962 cable for connection to GRYPHON (hardware adapter) shared module connector.
    MP-OBDII-BOX An OBDII box that gives you a practical and easy way to establish in-line electrical connection to the Vehicle On-Board Diagnostic connector.

Related Product

    Part Number Product Name
    MP-GRYPH-FO Gryphon Fiber Optic – a Fiber Optic hardware adapter that supports communication with in-vehicle networks via an unobtrusive fiber-optic connection.
    MP-GRYPH-S3 Super CAN Analysis Tool 3 (S3) – This approved GMLAN CAN analyzer solution bundles our next generation S-CAT hardware and Hercules software package to support advanced communication with in-vehicle networks. It uses the CAN (low-speed, mid-speed and high-speed) protocol, and lets you add Class 2 and LIN protocols that are supported in software. It is ideal for diagnostics, simulation and custom applications.

Gryphon 2 Tools

Software and Device Drivers

Note: These programs can be used with the Gryphon2, Gryphon S3, Gryphon, S-CAT2 and S-CAT products.

  • Hercules Software

  • The Gryphon Installation CD - Version 1.04 program below contains all the files on our new installation CD. It contains all the current drivers and applications for all products in our Gryphon family. Download the file then run it to install the software.

Gryphon® Applications

  • Gryphon® Monitor (GryphMON) - Version 1.92 – Used to monitor traffic on a Gryphon®. This ZIP file also contains the GryphDB program.

  • GryphMON Manual – in html format.

  • GryphDB Manual – in html format. This product creates a database that gets imported into GryphMon for message transmission.

  • Gryphon Scan Tool – Utilizes Bonjour/ZeroConf networking to locate the IP addresses of any Gryphons on your local subnet.

  • GryphSpeeds - Version 1.20 – A utility program that allows the speed entries in gdevs file to be edited remotely.

  • GryphLIN - Version 1.12 – Used to monitor LIN traffic on a Gryphon®.

  • GryphLIN Manual – in html format.

  • GryphLIN Sample LDF – Sample LIN definition file. Note: this is for example purposes only, the required LDF will vary by implementation (LDF, 8K).

  • Gryphon LIN 2.0 Software - Firmware, GRYPH_LIN monitor, Sample LDF, and more.

  • GM DPS Users^ Resources – a collection of resources required to use the GM DPS software.

Gryphon® C/C++ Libraries, Release 4.5

  • Win32 installer – This file installs the Gryphon® Libraries for use with C++, C and VB applications. (EXE, 1947K) released 02/25/2110.
    This release is for Win32 platforms only. It consists of the file "setup.exe", which is a self-installer program. The self-installer contains: the Release Notes document; the C and C++ libraries, including dynamic link library files (.DLL), header files (.H), and link support files (.LIB); user manuals (.PDF); sample application program source and project files; and a Visual BASIC module file. To accommodate the use of Gryphon manifest constants in application code, the latest header files for the Gryphon protocol are also included in both packages.
    See Release Notes for details of functional changes in the libraries.

  • Missing DLL Help information - For customers who are unable to use the Gryphon® C/C++ libraries (on Windows) due to "missing DLLs".
    Note: In order to fix all bugs, this software may require a firmware update. Contact Technical Support or your sales representative for more information. Also see Gryphon® firmware page.

Gryphon® EasyAPI Library

  • EasyAPI (J2534 DLL) - Version 4.03 – This file contains a C-compatible interface. Includes the API Library (with J2534 DLL), examples and Easy API User Manual Version 1.0. The contents can be placed in any file structure you prefer, but if not specified, creates a new folder called "Gryphon" on your target drive, where all files are installed.

EasyAPI User Manual Version 1.0.

NEW! Read about our new J2534 System Development Kit (SDK)

GM User Alert: GM has validated this DLL to work with DPS tools for Class 2.

Product Information

Product Data Sheet

  • Gryphon S3 Data Sheet

  • Gryphon® / S-CAT Modules data sheet

Product Manuals

  • Gryphon® - S3 Manual ; Version 1.0

  • Gryphon® Technical Information

  • How to connect Fault Tolerant CAN networks v2.0 

  • Hercules Manual – Version 4

  • Hercules Application Note – Entering DPIDs in the Database

  • Gryphon® Networking Quick Start Guide – Version 1.0


  • Display Firmware information for Gryphon®2,Gryphon®, Gryphon® S3, S-CAT2, and S-CAT.


  • Display Hercules Examples and Tips

  • LIN 2.0 Card CPP Sample Code for a simple "send and receive" functionality

  • Adding External Voltage Transient Suppressors To the SCAT-2 and Gryphon - S3 on-board High Speed CAN Channels

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