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Dearborn Protocol Adapters (DPA RF)

Dearborn Protocol Adapters (DPA RF)


Dearborn Protocol Adapters (DPA RF)

CAN bus, RS-232, ISA, PC/104, TCP/IP, RF, USB, LIN bus, J1850, J1939, J2284, J2411, GMLAN, Ford J1850 PWM(3-byte), GM J1850 VPWM(3-byte), DC VPWM(1-byte), J1708


DPA RF(Protocol Adapters) 是一個用來擷取卡車資料和診斷問題之無線協定轉換工具,縱使非上班日的在外卡車,在DPA RF的 2 英哩通訊範圍內,可讓您很容易經由此裝置將卡車的資訊傳送到電腦端,因為所有移動中的東西僅僅是這個既堅固又結實的DPA RF裝置。

Secure: Our DPA RF(Protocol Adapters) uses proprietary digital RF communications for better data security than 〝standard〞 wireless applications. This means competitors can’t access your development information by parking near your service bay with a portable laptop and downloading your data. And because this special wireless technology does not interfere with standard 802.11 wireless communications, your Information Technology people don’t need to be involved.

Flexible: Getting data from trucks located outside the shop lets you know in advance what kind of service each truck needs. This vehicle 〝pre-screening〞 means you can schedule work on vehicles that need urgent maintenance first. The DPA RF(Protocol Adapters) helps to avoid having a service bay occupied with a truck and a mechanic for 30 minutes or more – to learn that the truck does not need service.

The DPA RF(Protocol Adapters) also has special modems that will switch to an unused frequency to avoid signal connection problems. This means that multiple DPA RF(Protocol Adapters) systems can be used in the same garage with no wireless communication conflict issues.

Easy To Install: The included Installation CD makes getting up and running easy. It was designed for problem free installation to immediately start using the DPA RF(Protocol Adapters) product.

Development Interface: If a custom software application is required, we supply libraries so you can use C, Visual Basic, LabVIEW, TruckConnectTM, etc.

Supported Protocols: CAN (canbus), GMLAN, J1587, J1708, J1922, J1939 (CAN), J2284, J2411 (GM SW). Additional protocol support is available.

Common Applications

Available Accessories and Options

The following items are available

Part Number Product Name


This special cable lets you directly connect your DPA (fitted with a 〝/T〞 endplate) to Deutsch 6- and 9-pin truck diagnostic connectors.


A 6-foot cable with a standard automotive 〝OBDII〞 diagnostic connector at one end. The other end of the cable is open-ended to let you custom tailor this cable for your specific needs.


A 6-foot molded RS-232 cable to connect your DPA to your PC computer.


Set of two rubber DPA(Protocol Adapters) end brackets. Highly recommended to help you avoid costly 〝drop〞 damage to DPA(Protocol Adapters) or vehicle finish. Also makes it easy for you to firmly mount the DPA(Protocol Adapters) in a fixed location.


A Windows-based software analyzer package that lets you record and playback vehicle data.


An OBDII box that gives you a practical and easy way to establish in-line electrical connection to the Vehicle On-Board Diagnostic connector.

Related Products

Part Number Product Name


Data Link Monitor (DLM) software – our monitoring and analysis software application lets You validate in-vehicle network interfaces using CAN (canbus), GMLAN, J1587, J1708, J1850 GM (Class 2), J1850 Ford (SCP), J1850 DCX, J1939, J1979, J2284, and J2411 (GM SW) protocols.


Dearborn OBDII Breakout Box – our OBDII box gives you a practical and easy way to establish in-line electrical connection to the Vehicle On-Board Diagnostic (SAE J1962 or OBDII) connectors.

DOWNLOADS: See Archive Section for previous items.

Software and Device Drivers

    DPA Installation CD Free
    The ZIP file (below) contains all of the files on our new installation CD. It contains all the current drivers for all products in our DPA family. Download the file then Open it to extract the contents. When done, run the DPAInstall.EXE program to start.

    DPA customers can receive a current version of the DPA Installation CD at no cost by mail. Include your full name, company name, mailing address, telephone number including extension if applicable, and email address. Send the request to DG Technical Support.

    New! DPA 〝Adapter Validation Tool (AVT)〞 and 〝Why My Adapter Isn’t Working...〞
    This 〝Adapter Validation Tool (AVT)〞 application allows you to test the DPA to validate its full functionality. Download the file, Unzip it and run AdapterValidationTool.exe to start the AVT program.

    There is also a closely related companion document to the AVT 〝Why My Adapter Isn’t Working And What To Do About It〞, regarding troubleshooting the DPA and RP1210 adapters. It was jointly written by Dearborn Group Technologies, NEXIQ Technologies, and Noregon Systems.

    Note: For previous software and driver versions, refer to the Archive Section of our Download page.

Product Information

Product Manuals


    Contact Dearborn Group Sales or Technical Support for upgrade information.

Source Code Examples

Additional/Other Examples


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