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Kvaser PCI104 Series

Kvaser PCI104 Series


Kvaser PCI104 Series

Kvaser PCI104

Kvaser PCI104 is a PCI-104 compatible CAN board. It has a dual channel CAN interface and a high-performance microcontroller on board.
               MPKV-CAN-P1042C-HS/HS IDC


Compact and self-stacking, the Kvaser PCI104 board complies with the flexible PCI-104 specification. The Kvaser PCI104 board represents a dual channel CAN interface, with a high performance microcontroller onboard.  


  • Compliant with the PCI-104 specification
  • Stack-through connector
  • On-board 16-bit microcontroller  
  • Communicates with the PC through a fast DPRAM 
  • CAN Controller from Renesas (M16C)
  • Supports CAN 2.0 A and 2.0 B (active)
  • Supports Silent Mode
  • High-speed ISO 11898 compliant driver circuits, supports bit rates up to 1 Mbit/s
  • Galvanic isolation between the CAN-controller and the CAN-driver 
  • CAN oscillator frequency: 16 MHz
  • Quick and easy plug-and-play installation  
  • Dimensions 91 x 96 mm (approx. 3.6 x 3.8 in.)
  • Interfaces the CAN bus with IDC Headers  
  • Wide temperature range, -40°C - +85°C 

Technical Specification

Property Value
Galvanic Isolation Yes
Bitrate 5-1000 kbit/s
Silent mode Yes
Error frame generation Yes
Error frame detection Yes
Weight 100 g
Timestamp resolution 1
On board buffer No
Maximum message rate, send 0
Maximum message rate, receive 0
Sound No
Clock synchronization N/A
Dimensions (WxLxH) 91x96x20 mm (3.6x3.8x0.8in.)

Kvaser PCI104 HS/HS (No. 73-03130-00438-2)

Kvaser PCI104 HS/HS IDC (No. 73-03130-00424-5)

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