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Dearborn Protocol Adapters (DPA 4 Plus)

Dearborn Protocol Adapters (DPA 4 Plus)


Dearborn Protocol Adapters (DPA 4 Plus)

Dearborn Protocol Adapter 4 Plus


DPA 4 Plus 是一台目前市場上最快速最可靠及堅固的硬體轉換器,它甚至超越美國的軍用規格。

DPA 4 Plus是用來做為電腦與通訊網路間互連之用的,它支援來自下列的各種應用程式: Allison, Bendix, Caterpillar, Cummins, Detroit Diesel, Eaton, Freightliner, International, Mack, Meritor-WABCO, Vansco 以及 Volvo, 此外它還包括汽車的各種OEM標準及應用。

支援的通訊協定: CAN (ISO11898), GMLAN, ISO11898 (CAN), J1587, J1708, J1850 GM (Class 2), J1922, J1939, J1979, J2284, J2411 (GM SWCAN), ALDL, Windows 98/Me/NT/2000/XP/Vista.

支援的應用程式APIs: RP1210 & Compliant Drivers, C library API for Windows and LabVIEW.

DPA 4 Plus Diagnostic Software Compatibility

The DPA 4 Plus is RP1210A compliant and should work with any RP1210A compliant application. It has been thoroughly validated against the following OEM and component applications:

  • Allison DOC
  • Bendix ACOM
  • Caterpillar Electronic Technician
  • Cummins Insite
  • Dana Diagnostic Tool
  • Detroit Diesel Diagnostic Link
  • Detroit Diesel Reprogramming Station
  • Eaton ServiceRanger
  • Freightliner ServiceLink
  • International Diamond Logic Builder
  • International InTune
  • International Master Diagnostics
  • International ServiceMaxx
  • Mack VCADS/PTT
  • Meritor-WABCO Toolbox
  • Vansco VMMS
  • Volvo VCADS/PTT
  • ZF-Meritor TransSoft

If you have a question about an RP1210A-compliant application that is not listed, do not hesitate to contact our technical support department , as we have probably tested with that application as well.

DPA 4 Plus Supported Protocols and Standards

From light-duty through heavy-duty, the DPA 4 Plus supports your entire fleet! The DPA 4 Plus provides more protocol, standards, and operating system support than any other commercially available diagnostic adapter. Support and standards include:




Standards Other








Windows Vista
- All versions

Windows XP -
All versions

Windows 2000




CE Compliant

SAE J1979





(CAN @500k)





PC Requirements

The following are the PC requirements to use the DPA 4 Plus.

  • IBM-Compatible, 1GHz or faster

  • 256Mb RAM (512MB Preferred)

  • 25 Mb Free Hard-Disk Space

  • USB Port, USB Version 1.1 or Higher

  • Computer Administrator Priviledges


Common Applications
Application Description

Diagnostic Interface

The most common application for our DPA hardware adapters (excludes DPA III/i ASCII version) is as an OEM-labeled wireless and hard-wired interface for diagnostic software.

PC Test Interface

Many customers integrate our DPA hardware adapters (excludes DPA III/i ASCII version) into Product Validation/Design Validation (PV/DV) or end-of-line test applications.

Development Interface

Our DPA hardware adapters (excludes DPA III/i ASCII version) can also be used with our Data Link Monitor (DLM) software as an analysis tool for network development.

EOL Interface

When connected to a PLC, the DPA III/i hardware adapter will monitor or collect data in an EOL (End-Of-Line) test system.

Easy Interface

Without learning C programming, the DPA III/i hardware adapter permits easily integrating vehicle network informatin into specific applications.

Windows CE Interface

The DPA III/i hardware adapter integrates vehicle and automation networks to the Palm Pilot, WinCE, etc.

Available Accessories and Options

Part Number Product Name


This special cable lets you directly connect your DPA (fitted with a "/T" endplate) to Deutsch 6- and 9-pin truck diagnostic connectors.


A 6-foot cable with a standard automotive "OBDII" diagnostic connector at one end. The other end of the cable is open-ended to let you custom tailor this cable for your specific needs.

Related Products

Part Number Product Name


Data Link Monitor (DLM) software – our monitoring and analysis software application lets You validate in-vehicle network interfaces using CAN (canbus), GMLAN, J1587, J1708, J1850 GM (Class 2), J1850 Ford (SCP), J1850 DCX, J1939, J1979, J2284, and J2411 (GM SW) protocols.


Dearborn OBDII Breakout Box – our OBDII box gives you a practical and easy way to establish in-line electrical connection to the Vehicle On-Board Diagnostic (SAE J1962 or OBDII) connectors.

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