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I2C2002-1Akit is a special bundled kit consisting of the Win-I2CNT software and the I2C 2002-1A Evaluation Board from NXP (Philips) Semiconductors that enables easy programming and evaluation of the included PCA95xx I2C devices.

The complete kit includes the new I2C2002-1A Evaluation Board, I2CPortv2.0, Win-I2CNT software, USB cable adapter card for demonstrating I2C buffer capabilities (USB cable only used for connector convenience, not for USB connectivity), 4-wire I2C cable and a universal mains(100-240v AC) power supply. Note: European AC plug adapters are not included.

Win-I2CNT v4 version runs on WindowsTM 95, 98, ME, NT4.x, 2000, and XP PC platforms and includes dedicated support for over 45 NXP (Philips) Semiconductors^ I2C devices, user-defined I2C/SMBus devices, custom user controls, ascii file output, and hex file support for I2C EEProm programming.

The I2C 2002-1A Evaluation Board demonstrates the capabilities of the following devices: PCA9501, PCF8574, PCA9561, PCA9543, PCA9554/5, PCA9550/1, PCF8582, PCA9515, and P82B96. NXP documentation and Application Notes for the Evaluation Board and ICs is included on the CD with the Win-I2CNT software.

The printer port adapter (I2CPORTv2.0) was designed specifically for Win-I2CNT and includes 3 different I2C header configurations, on-board socketed 256byte I2C EEprom (PCF8582) for easy EE programming; and jumper selectable 5 or 3.3 volt capabilities to accommodate I2C busses of either supply voltage.

I2C2002-1A Kit Contents:
- Win-I2CNT software/documentation/Philips Evaluation Board appnotes on
- I2C2002-1A Philips Evaluation Board
- I2CPortv2.0 adapter (for Win-I2CNT)
- 4-Pin I2C ribbon cable
- P82B96 adapter card (I2C bus buffer IC)
- Universal AC input wall-plug 9v DCswitching power supply
- QuickStart Guide installation sheet

I2C Devices supported in Win-I2CNT

Documentation updates are available from the NXP website:

I2C2005-1 Evaluation board application note:


Please note that Win-NT software is not designed for use with other generic I2C printer port adapters (such as our "I2CPort" generic adapter).
Only the I2Cport2.0 adapter series that is bundled with the software will work properly with the Win-I2CNT software. The Win-I2CNT adapters will also work with the Win-I2CNTDLL kit.


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