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PKV6000 Modbus TCP to Data Highway Plus (DH+)

PKV6000 Modbus TCP to Data Highway Plus (DH+)


PKV6000 Modbus TCP to Data Highway Plus (DH+)

PKV6000 Modbus TCP to Data Highway Plus

Part No:MPGC-Mb-TCP-PKV6000-DH+

The PKV6000 gateway is the new improved version of the PKV4500. The Lightweight, Din Rail Mounted, DC powered PKV6000 network interface bridge interfaces your Modbus TCP (Ethernet) Network to AB’s DataHighway Plus (DH+), extending the life of Allen-Bradley PLC’s that do not have Ethernet Interfaces. The PKV6000 solution allows an Allen-Bradly PLC, such as the PLC3 to access Modbus TCP server devices. It can also allow a Modbus TCP Client device, such as SCADA Server, to acquire data from PLCs or devices on a DH+ Network.

Modbus Registers and Coils are mapped to Allen-Bradley DH+ data files using the EQ32 Configuration software.


Serial Interface
DataHighway Plus (DH+) 3 Pin Screw Terminal (Phoenix type) Speeds of 57.6K, 115.2K and 230.4K (Auto-Baud)
RS232 Configuration port DB9 - DTE (male) - 19200,N,8,1 and XON/XOFF flow control.
Connector Null Modem adapter included.
DCE (female) and custom cables/connectors (call) also available
Network Interface
Interface Ethernet 10Base-T or 100Base-TX (Auto-Sensing)
Connector RJ45
Protocols Modbus TCP, Telnet
Modbus TCP Connections Up to 8 simultaneous Modbus TCP connections are supported
Input Voltage 9-27V DC – 3.0 Watts
Operating Temp 32 to 122 °F (0 to 50 °C)
Storage Temp -40 to 185°F (-40 to 85°C)
Humidity 5% to 95% non-condensing
Dimensions 1.2" H x 4.75" D x 3.2" W (30.4 x 120.7 x 81.3 mm)
Weight 0.56 Lbs (0.2 Kg)
Indicators (LED)

˙CHA A-B Network Status

˙CHB Ethernet Activity (TX/RX).

˙CHC DL6000 Operating Mode and Status

˙Ethernet Activity (Port TX/RX) On the right
side of the RJ45

˙10/100 Base-T Ethernet Link Status On the left
side of the RJ45

Pushbuttons RESET pushbutton (left side), Configure pushbutton (right side).
Included Software
MS Windows® Device Installer - used to assign IP address and update firmware

MS Windows® CommPort Redirector - virtual COM Port software

MS Windows® EQ32 Configuration - used to map Modicon registers/coils to Allan-Bradley data files within the PKV6000

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