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PKV4500 Ethernet TCP(IP) to DH-485

PKV4500 Ethernet TCP(IP) to DH-485


PKV4500 Ethernet TCP(IP) to DH-485

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Part No:MPGC-Mb-TCP-PKV4500-DH485


The PKV4500 gateway interfaces your Ethernet TCP/IP Network to AB’s DH485, extending the life of Allen-Bradley PLC’s (SLC03/PLC2/3) without Ethernet Interfaces. The PKV4500 solution allows applications such as RSLogix, RSLinx, and RSView to access devices on a DH-485 network from an Ethernet TCP/IP LAN, enabling users to run MMI applications or program and monitor PLCs on a DH-485 network from an Ethernet LAN station.

Two options are available for the ethernet connection: Single Computer and Multiple Computers. The Single Computer option should be considered if speed is an issue. This option allows only one computer to connect to the ethernet side but exchanges data at faster speeds. The Multiple Computers option allows up to four computers to connect simultaneouly to the ethernet side. This option has slower data exchange speeds because of its ability to connect to multiple computers.


A-B Channel : Synchronous; SDLC Transformer-coupled, Ethernet Channel: 10 Base-T.


Dimensions: Size: 1.05" H x 4.2" D x 3.45" W, (26.2mm x 105.0mm x 86.3mm), Weight: 0.66lbs (0.3kg), Power: 9-27 VDC; Less than 2 Watts.


Metal enclosure; Freestanding or DIN rail mounting clips.

Operating: +32 F to 122 F (0 C to +50 C), Storage: -40 F to +185 F (-40 C to +85 C), Humidity: 5% to 95% non-condensing.

A-B Channel: Allen-Bradley DH-485, Ethernet Channel: TCP/IP – 10 Base T.


Telnet to IP address for configuring communications parameters.


Green for power-on, Bi-Color for DF1 tunneled over TCP/IP, Bi-Color for A-B Channel operation, Bi-Color for DL4500 Status, Green for Network Link Status Green for DF1 Channel operation, Red for Diagnostics.


Reset and Configure mode pushbuttons.


A-B Channel: Synchronous, DH-485, 19.2K baud, Ethernet Channel: 10 Base–T; TCP/IP.

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