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NET232 Modbus (RTU/ASCII /TCP)Serial to Ethernet

NET232 Modbus (RTU/ASCII /TCP)Serial to Ethernet


NET232 Modbus (RTU/ASCII /TCP)Serial to Ethernet

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Part No:MPGC-Mb-TCP-NET232


Need to add 10/100 Modbus TCP Ethernet to your product? If you have serial port using Modbus RTU/ASCII, now it can become a Modbus TCP Ethernet port with no changes to your software. The NET232 Modbus is a simple device with software all packaged inside a simple cable. The NET232 Modbus will take your serial modbus data stream and convert it to Modbus TCP Ethernet packets with no changes to your software.

The NET232 Modbus is preloaded with Modbus firmware and requires no changes by the customer. It maps all current serial Modbus commands and registers to Ethernet Modbus TCP commands and registers.


NET232 Modbus Features:
  • Local or Worldwide Ethernet 10/100M or Internet Connection
  • Modbus Serial baud rates (2400, 4800, 9600, 19.2k, 38.4k, ...115.2K)
  • Ethernet activity, Power LED’s
  • DB9 12〞 molded cable DTE (male), female adapter included
  • Included AC Power adapter, 500mA @ 9VDC

NET232 Modbus (RTU/ASCII /TCP)Serial to Ethernet簡易規格下載

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