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Unigate CL LONWorks Gateway

Unigate CL LONWorks Gateway


Unigate CL LONWorks Gateway

Unigate CL LONWorks Gateway



LONWorks-enable any RS232/485/422 serial or Modbus device with the UNIGATE CL Gateway. Make any serial device a LONWorks device using the UNIGATE CL Gateway. Its low-cost and flexibility are ideal for high volume applications. One side of the gateway is a fieldbus, LONWorks device, while the other side is a high performance serial port that directly interfaces with your serial device. The serial side of the UNIGATE can either be used in one of many standard configurations (including Modbus RTU master/slave and standard RS232/422/485), or can be customized with its built-in scripting language.

The UNIGATE CL Gateway allows for the quick development of custom applications on the serial side using its powerful scripting language. When developing a custom application, or for simple configuration to a standard protocol, we recommend using a Starter Kit. Starter kits contain all the connection cables and power supplies for configuring and/or scripting. There is even a Profibus Master tool for testing your configuration or script. Scripts are written using the Protocol Developer Tool.



  • Complete LONWorks 62 or LONWorks 512 SNVTs
  • Max. 512 byte input and 512 byte output data
  • Support of the specified transfer rate at FTT-10A
  • Script language for optimal adaptation to your field device
  • Easy configuration from MS Windows® using the WinGate tool.
  • Develop customized scripts with the free Protocol Developer software tool
  • Scripts are portable between all other UNIGATE CL or IC Gateways

Technical Data

Property Value
Security/Protection Reverse Voltage, Short Circuit, Overload, Under voltage
Data Rates 110 to 625 kbps Baud
Characters 7 or 8 data bits
Parity Odd, even, none
Stop Bits 1 or 2
  • Isolated LONWorks interface, optional galvanic isolation of the serial RS side
  • Serial RS232, RS422 and RS485 interfaces on board
  • Configuration/Programming ("Debug") Port Interface
  • Serial: RS232, RS422 or RS485, Modbus, plus Custom Protocols through Scripting
  • LONWorks: SNVT
  • Configuration/Programming Port Interface: RS232 (9600 Baud, 8, n, 1)
Indicators (LED)
  • Serial: Power, Code, State
  • LONWorks: Power, Bus, State
Product Weight 130 g
Voltage Input: 10.8 to 30VDC
Dimensions 90 x 127 x 55 mm
Baud Rate
  • Bus: Support of the specified transfer rate at FTT-10A
  • Serial: Up to 625 kbps
Storage Specifications Temperature: -40°C to +70° C
Mounting DIN Rail
Certifications LONWorks, CE
Included Software MS Windows®-based WinGate configuration software, and Protocol Developer script development software
Current Typical 120mA, max. 150mA at 24VDC
Enclosure IP24
Data Buffer 1024 Bytes Input and 1024 Bytes Output
Slave Address Rotary Switches or via LONWorks
Bus Termination Switch-able
Bus Buffer 512 Bytes I/O
  • Serial: RS232 - 3 Pole Terminal Block (Tx, Rx, Gnd)
  • Serial: RS422/RS485 - 4 Pole Terminal Block (RxA, RxB, TxA, TxB)
  • Configuration/Programming Port Interface: Terminal Block (Tx, Rx)
Isolation Galvanic Isolation
Temperature Range Operating: 0°C to +55°C

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