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CAN Ethernet Gateway

CAN Ethernet Gateway


CAN Ethernet Gateway

CAN Detective Ethernet Gateway


The CAN Detective is a powerful diagnostic, monitoring and configuration tool that is on-line all the time. The CAN Detective is designed with an Ethernet interface that can be used to transmit statistical network data, CAN messages, configuration data, and most importantly CAN error messages and voltage information. Email alerts can be generated based on user defined error conditions.

The CAN Detective with its Ethernet interface is designed to send email or TCP/IP/UDP data messages to users on an Ethernet / Internet network.

If a CAN network is having problems then the network can be monitored; locally or remotely and an email message can be sent out to a person to start investigating the problem.

The CAN Detective has a built-in web server which can display the CAN data all the network diagnostic information.

The CAN Detective has complete signal conditioning and individual signal analysis which allows the CAN Detective to see all of the individual CAN signals and log problems/errors in real-time.

The CAN Detective is DIN rail mountable and uses a simple +24VDC power.

The CAN Detective has a wide temperature specification –30°C to +70°C which allows the Detective to be used in commercial and industrial applications.


• Ethernet / Internet Interface
• CANbus Monitor in real-time
• Measures all CAN signals
• 1000V isolation
• Web Server for easy display
• Telnet, SNTP time server
• Error logging, CAN data messages
• TCP/IP/UDP messages
• Optional PCAN-LINK software
• 10/100 Mb/s Ethernet, auto-sense
• Ethernet Activity and Status LEDs
• Wide temperature -30 to 70 degC
• +24VDC powered, DIN rail
• CE certified


CAN Detective Data Sheet

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