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ProfiTrace 2 - PROFIBUS Analyzer

ProfiTrace 2 - PROFIBUS Analyzer


ProfiTrace 2 - PROFIBUS Analyzer



ProfiTrace 2 is the most powerful analyzer for PROFIBUS networks available. Created by PROCENTEC in Europe, ProfiTrace 2 has been expanded even further with the introduction of OPC Server - it is now possible to gather PROFIBUS device information and present it to OPC Client software. This new feature makes it possible to get the real live state of your PROFIBUS network directly in your SCADA system (or other OPC Client), allowing maintenance engineers and operators to react quickly to any PROFIBUS related alarms or irregular events coming up on the screen. The opportunities are vast and we are just discovering the possibilities what it could contribute to asset management of your network.

The ProfiTrace 2 family is the next generation of busmonitor technology from PROCENTEC in the Netherlands. It combines all primary troubleshooting tools to one: Analyzer, Oscilloscope, Bar graph and DP-V0/V1 Master. Using the new ProfiCore Ultra communications module, you simply plug one side into a USB port on your PC, and the other side to your PROFIBUS network. The ProfiTrace 2 Family of software (ProfiTrace 2, ScopeWare, TopologyScan, OPC Server and ProfiCaptain 2) runs on your PC and will help you find any problem in your PROFIBUS network quickly and easily. This tool is designed to be easy enough for end-users but powerful enough for installers and development engineers too.

Now you can check and troubleshoot the complete PROFIBUS network with 1 software package and 1 piece of hardware. This results in an enormous reduction in equipment, weight, costs and required knowledge.

The advanced USB hardware (ProfiCore Ultra) is internally equipped with a high speed digital oscilloscope and able to capture bus signals running up to the maximum PROFIBUS speed of 12 Mbps.

ProfiTrace 2 is an essential tool for maintenance, commissioning and troubleshooting as well as product development. Classical PROFIBUS failures such as noise, reflections, voltage drops, termination problems, double addresses, wire breaks and configuration faults are easily identified. Random errors such as overshoots, error telegrams, repeats and diagnostics can also be captured and logged. The results can also be exported to detailed reports. Predictive maintenance and asset management are now really possible!

This amazing tool is small enough to fit in your pocket and powerful enough to boost the limits and capabilities of service, maintenance and engineering technicians.

ProfiTrace 2 now integrates two other optional programs into a single user interface. The ProfiTrace 2 family consists of the ProfiTrace 2 Software, and the optional ScopeWare, OPC Server, Topology Scan and ProfiCaptain 2.


By itself (without the optional ScopeWare, TopologyScan and ProfiCaptain 2), ProfiTrace 2 software provides multiple "views" of your network, including the "Live List", the "Messages" view, the "Station Statistics View" and the "Data Inspection" view. This enhanced version of of the original ProfiTrace allows you to quickly find: Repeats, Fall-outs, Corrupted messages, Diagnostics, Cycle time, and more.

Live List:

  • Colorful representation of detected devices with real-time updates
  • Advice & warnings: Ident number mismatch, Watchdog not set, Illegal configuration
  • Last diagnostic, parameter, configuration and data-exchange message
  • GSD file management for product and diagnostic identification

  • Messages View:

    • Colorful visualization of FDL, DP, DP-V1, DP-V2, PA and I&M messages
    • Messages can be filtered and stored
    • Data interpretation engine (byte, word, floating point, etc.)
    • Error detection
    • Bookmarks

    Station Statistics View:

    • Powerful statistics for every error and device (repeats, fall outs, etc.)
    • Seventeen (17) different statistics are tracked for each PROFIBUS node

    Data Inspection View:

    Helps you further break down captured messages into more meaningful representations. Can be used to permanently show the latest captured data in a variety of formats and views


    The optional ScopeWare is the major breakthrough in the new ProfiTrace 2 family. The oscilloscope hardware is built into the new ProfiCore Ultra, and the ScopeWare software allows you view the integrated scope right on your PC screen.

    Features include:

    • Time scale: 50 ns to 500 ms
    • Voltage scale: 0.5 to 5 V per DIV
    • Cursor measurement lines (voltage and time)
    • Differential (B-A) and single ended (A and/or B line) measurements
    • Free running or trigger per device
    • Trigger features: start of response or request message
    • ProfiCore Ultra features:
    • Frequency: 192 MHz.
    • Bandwith: 100 MHz.
    • Differential measurement: -9 to +9 V.
    • Single ended: -4.5 to +8 V.


    • Average, Min. and Max. signal levels per device.
    • Color indicates the quality of the signal.
    • Continuously updated.


    The optional TopologyScan is a key feature in the ProfiTrace 2 family, allowing you to diagram your network and give you an accurate picture of where to go in your network when trouble arises. TopologyScan must be purchased with ScopeWare.

    Features include:

    • Automatic generation of the network topology
    • No shutdown required!
    • No disturbance in the cycle time!
    • Works on 500 kbps and 1,5 Mbps
    • On passive networks (no active Master) create a topology scan in conjunction with ProfiCaptain 2


    The optional OPC Server is the latest feature in the ProfiTrace 2 family.

    Using the OPC Server, you can display ProfiTrace tags in a SCADA/HMI package or link it to an SMS/email client and sent a message when something happens with the PROFIBUS installation or even generate your own report in MS Word/Excel. Every application that acts as OPC client can utilize the ProfiTrace tags. It does NOT corrupt the PROFIBUS cycle time because the information comes from busmonitoring (listening).

    Available Tags include:

    • Live List data per device
    • Statistics per device (Syncs, Retries, Lost, etc.)
    • Process variables from Data Exchange messages


    The optional ProfiCaptain 2 software is now completely integrated within ProfiTrace 2.

    Features include:

    • The ability to put slaves in Data Exchange
    • I/O testing with automatic patterns
    • Automatic detection of existing busparameters
    • Unique concept of "stealing" slaves
    • Class 2 functions in a Class 1 framework
    • No shutdowns when updating the configuration
    • Deactivating slaves in the configuration


    • Simple USB port connection and software installation
    • Essential for commissioning, troubleshooting, and maintenance
    • Finds faults like double addresses, wire-breaks, configuration faults, data overshots, damaged messages, retries and diagnostics are captured and logged.
    • Analyzer with powerful statistics Enhanced version of ProfiTrace 1: Repeats, Fall-outs, Corrupted messages, Diagnostics, Cycle time, etc.
    • High speed digital oscilloscope (with optional ScopeWare) provides Differential voltage, A-line, B-line, Noise, Overshoots, Reflections, Triggers.
    • Bar graphs (with optional ScopeWare) Average, Min. and Max. values of the bus signals per device.
    • Reporting Automatic generation of detailed reports that are accepted by the industry.
    • Optional DP-V0/V1 master ProfiCaptain 2 has been completely integrated with even more features.
    • ProfiCore Ultra USB interface Useable on PC platforms, no power supply required and elimination of spur lines.
    • The optional PA Probe Ultra makes a measurement on PA segments possible (coming soon).
    • PROFIBUS baud rates from 9.6 kbps to 12 Mbps.
    • Works on XP and Vista platforms
    • Galvanic Isolation of PROFIBUS Network
    • USB 2.0 Interface


    • PA Probe - Makes a physical connection and measurement on a PROFIBUS PA segment possible.
    • Tap Connector 2 - Simple cable allows for easy connection of ProfiCore Ultra to PROFIBUS network.


    • OPC Server
    • ProfiCaptain 2
    • Scopeware
    • Scopeware + ProfiCaptain 2
    • Scopeware + ProfiCaptain 2 + TopologyScan
    • Scopeware + TopologyScan


    Save even more with these great kits.

    • Troubleshooting Toolkit PLUS - Kit includes: ProfiCore Ultra, USB Cable, ProfiTrace 2, ScopeWare, TopologyScan, Tap Connector 2, Blue Carrying Case
    • Troubleshooting Toolkit Ultra Pro - Kit includes:ProfiCore Ultra, USB Cable, ProfiTrace 2, ScopeWare, TopologyScan, ProifCaptain 2, OPC Server, Tap Connector 2, PA Probe, Blue Carrying Case, Manual

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