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plug-in modules and options

plug-in modules and options


plug-in modules and options

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The CS800 is only available on initial order of the CS328A or CS320A aquisition units. It provides double the memory of the standard units. As the minimum frames is 2 you can have up to 4Msamples in one capture.

CS810 External sampler clock interface

The CS810 is the factory addition of the facility to use an external sampler clock signal instead of the standard internal 100 MHz source. A 50 Ohm SMA input fitted to the rear panel accepts sine or square wave clocks up to 3V p-p in amplitude with a frequency range of 1-100MHz. The acquisition unit automatically determines the input frequency. The internal/external clock selector switch is software controllable from the application, and contributes less than 0.2pSec of addititive jitter. The external clock input enables you to use Cleverscope for synchronus sampling applications.

CS712 and CS714 100MS/Sec Samplers

These are plug in modules that can either be purchased instead of the 10 bit sampler on initial order or can be purchased and installed retrospectively if the need arises.

The option price is lower because we do not supply the 10 bit sampler. If you want to have both samplers then you will need to purchase the extra sampler as a module - although we can not think of a good reason for needing both.

We will shortly have more detailed specifications available here.

CS700A Signal Generator

The CS700A Signal Generator is a plug-in module for the CS328 and CS320 Oscilloscopes. If you order the CS700A at the same time as a CS328A or CS320A, the module will be factory fitted. Otherwise you can easily fit the module yourself.

The CS700A Signal generator generates sine, square and triangle output waveforms. The amplitude may be varied between 0 and 5V pk-pk, in 10mV steps. The offset maybe varied from –4 to +4V in 10 mV steps. The generator can be FSK and PSK modulated, and Frequency swept. The sweep may be synchronized with the Spectrum Analyser to carry out transfer response measurement. Two of the digital inputs may be allocated to switch between either of the two frequencies or two phases.


Item Value
Function Generate Sine, Square or Triangle output signals
Generation Method Direct Digital Synthesis
Output Sampling Rate 50 MSa/sec
Frequency Range Sine, Square: 0.003 Hz – 10 MHz
Triangle: 0.003Hz – 1 MHz
Resolution 0.003Hz (<1KHz) 0.2 Hz (>1kHz)
Accuracy 50 ppm in 1 year, 0-40 deg C
Output Voltage Range 100mV – 5V p-p including DC offset
Output Voltage Resolution 10 mV
Output Impedance 50 ohm
Output Voltage Offset Range -4 to +4V
Output Voltage Offset Resolution 10 mV
Frequency Shift Range Any two frequencies in range 0.2Hz – 10 MHz
Phase Shift Range Any phase difference between 0 – 360 degrees
Signal to Noise Ratio -60 dBc typical
Total Harmonic Distortion 0 – 1 MHz : < -65 dBc
> 1 MHz: < -35 dBc
Amplitude Flatness ± 0.2 dB
Amplitude Accuracy ± 2%
Square Wave Rise/Fall Times < 12 ns
Protection Short Circuit Protected
± 10V peak overdrive < 1 min

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