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Javelin Stamp Module

Javelin Stamp Module


Javelin Stamp Module


The Javelin Stamp module is a 24-pin DIP module programmed in a subset of the Sun Microsystems Java language.

The Javelin Stamp module is a powerful module programmed in a hardware-oriented subset of the Sun Microsystems Java language. In addition to providing lots of RAM and EEPROM space and a well-known structured, object oriented programming language. The Javelin Stamp module firmware can also run multiple background tasks. Java resources are easily accessible due to the number of java programming books at your favorite book store.

Javelin Stamp Module Characteristics

Package Type : 24-pin DIP module

Package Size (L x W x H) : 1.2X0.6X0.4?/span>

Environment : 0 - 70˚C (32 - 158˚F)

RAM Size : 32kBytes

EEPROM SIZE : 32kBytes

Number of I/O pins : 16 plus two dedicated RS-232

Voltage Requirements : 5-15Vdc

Sink/Source Current per I/O : 30mA / 30mA

Sink/Source Current per module : 60mA /60 mA per 8 I/O

Current Consumption : 50mA

Windows Text Editor : JIDE (free download at

Features :

  • The instruction codes for the Javelin are fetched and executed from a parallel SRAM

  • The Javelin has 32k of RAM/program memory with a flat architecture. No more program banks, and no more tight squeezes with variable space.

  • The Javelin has built in Virtual Peripherals (VPs) that take care of serial communication, pulse width modulation and tracking time in the background.

  • Serial communication is buffered as a background process. When writing programs, all you have to do is periodically check the buffer.

  • Delta-sigma A/D conversion.

  • D/A conversion is accomplished in the background as a continuous pulse train delivered by an I/O pin. The pulse width modulation VP can also be used for generating pulse trains, frequencies, and D/A conversions in the background while your foreground code is free to perform other tasks.

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