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User Interface Board (UIB-PC104)

User Interface Board (UIB-PC104)


User Interface Board (UIB-PC104)

User Interface  Board Part No


UIB-PC104 is a User Interface Board that enables the interaction between humans and control modules connected to its main socket, through input and output sources (widely known as human interfaces).

The design of a user interface affects the amount of effort the user must expend to provide input for the system and to interpret the output of the system, and how much effort it takes to learn how to do this. The design of UIB-PC104 has been performed taken especial care of its usability to provide users with an efficient and effective training tool.

The board has the following interfaces:

˙Six LEDs

˙16x2 alphanumeric STN LCD with backlight

˙122x32 graphic STN LCD with backlight

˙Two potentiometers

˙Twelve push buttons

˙One buzzer

It also includes a set of connectors dedicated to multiple purposes and switches to select its operation mode.

Training capabilities

UIB-PC104 is a  perfect complement for control modules (such as iCM4011) when facing to initial training  and new designs based on them.

In the case of iCM4011, users just need to plug the modules onto the UIB-PC104  socket and start the training (UIB-PC104 CD includes iCM4011 developing examples). Other modules may need some extra signal conditioning stage.

Furthermore, UIB-PC104 has been designed following a stackable architecture and complying  with the dimensions and drills of the PC/104 standard.

Block diagram










UIB-PC104範例程式手冊 → UIB-PC104.EG.EN.pdf

UIB-PC104發展平台使用手冊 → UIB-PC104.PM.EN.pdf

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