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Industrial Modbus TCP to Modbus RTU/ASCII

Industrial Modbus TCP to Modbus RTU/ASCII


Industrial Modbus TCP to Modbus RTU/ASCII

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Part No:MPGC-Net-Modbus-TCP

Need to convert your serial Modbus RTU or ASCII (RS232, RS422 or RS485) device(s) to Modbus TCP 10/100 Ethernet, the DR2-MB product does the job. The DR2-MB is a Modbus industrial device server packaged in a din-rail mountable plastic housing that you use screw terminals and RJ45 to connect the 24VDC power and your serial ports. The DR2-MB takes your Modbus serial data stream and converts it to Modbus TCP Ethernet packets with no changes to your software. A webserver is also built in to the DR2-MB, which allows you to design your own pages and interface with your product from the Internet. The DR2-MB can also send e-mail messages when it detects a problem.

Software: The DR2 allows the user to map serial Modbus to network Modbus.

Cross Reference Lantronix Xpress-DR-IAP: XSDRIN-02

Technical Specifications:

  • 10/100M Ethernet

  • Serial Baud rates up to 230KMBaud

  • 7/8 Data Bits, 1 or 2 stop bits, XON/XOFF

  • 2000Vrms serial Isolation

  • 1500Vrms Ethernet Isolation

  • 9 to 30VDC/9-24VAC, 3W maximum operation

  • extended temperature range 0C to +70C

  • 90 x 60 x 36 mm (3.54 H x 2.4 D x 1.4 in W)

  • UL, CSA,TUV, FCC, CE, FM Class I, Div. 2.

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