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DiagRA MCD Toolset

DiagRA MCD Toolset


DiagRA MCD Toolset

DiagRA MCD Toolset


DiagRAR MCD is a calibration and diagnostics toolset for ECUs in the automotive industry. It is made up of three software options: DiagRAR M, DiagRAR C and DiagRAR D.

The significant advantage for the user is the common use of the device driver for the interface hardware, of protocols and parsers for the descriptive files in A2L or DBC format. Gathered data can be used by all of the tools included. This makes it possible to acquire diagnostic measurement values using DiagRAR D, display them graphically using DiagRAc M and, simultaneously, perform calibration with DiagRAc C.

Online operation can be started and terminated by all three parts of the toolset. If technically possible this results in the same interface hardware being able to handle all tasks.When working with several CAN buses multiple interfaces can be used and are supported. The settings necessary for this can be adjusted centrally.

During the integration it was particularly important to make sure each software option functioned individually. Every user of one of the three options can simply add one of the others and include it into the installation he already has.

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