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Gryphon Fiber Optic

Gryphon Fiber Optic


Gryphon Fiber Optic

Gryphon Fiber Optic - CAN bus, RS-232, ISA, PC/104, TCP/IP, RF, USB, LIN bus, J1850, J1939, J2284, J2411, GMLAN, Ford J1850 PWM(3-byte), GM J1850 VPWM(3-byte), DC VPWM(1-byte), J1708

Part No:
(Single-Wire CAN Fiber Optic)

Single-Wire CAN Fiber Optic is the only option available in this series.

Our GRYPHON Fiber Optic hardware adapter supports communication with in-vehicle networks via an unobtrusive fiber-optic connection. Paired with our Fiber Optic Satellite Module, it gives you an isolated, non-electrical interface between a device under test and external data collection equipment. This lets you conduct precision device testing in an EMC environment.

In a 〝Pass-Thru〞 configuration, these specialized Fiber-Optic Gryphon Pass-Thru products allow you to connect non-DG tools into the fiber-optic CAN module for pass-thru. This includes the pass-thru software, copper module, satellite module and the Fiber-Optic Gryphon.

Supported Protocols and APIs: Gryphon® Fiber Optic adapter gives You isolated, non-electrical interface to conduct precision device testing in an EMC environment using CAN (canbus), GMLAN, ISO9141-2, ISO11898 (CAN), ISO11992, ISO15765, J1850 GM (Class 2), J1850 Ford (SCP), J1850 DCX, J1939, J1979, J2284, J2411 (GM SW), J2534 and SWCAN.

Note: Fiber Optic cables are not included with this product. The required fiber optic connector type is 100/140-SMA905. Contact your Dearborn Group Sales representative for your specific cable length ordering needs.

Common Applications  
Application Description


Our GRYPHON Fiber Optic hardware adapter is also used for custom applications, as well as simulation.

PV / DV Interface

Included in test stand applications.


DOWNLOADS: See Archive Section for previous items.

Software and Device Drivers

  • Win32 installer. – This file installs the Gryphon® Libraries for use with C++, C and VB applications. (EXE, 2444K) released 09/14/05.
    This release is for Win32 platforms only. It consists of the file 〝setup.exe〞, which is a self-installer program. The self-installer contains: the Release Notes document; the C and C++ libraries, including dynamic link library files (.DLL), header files (.H), and link support files (.LIB); user manuals (.PDF); sample application program source and project files; and a Visual BASIC module file. To accommodate the use of Gryphon manifest constants in application code, the latest header files for the Gryphon protocol are also included in both packages.
    See Release Notes for details of functional changes in the libraries.

    Source code. – This file contains the source code for Gryphon C/C++ Libraries for use with Unix (and other non-Win32) platforms, and non-Microsoft C++ development environments. (tar.gz, 1832K) released 09/14/05.
    Note: If using a browser on Windows, be sure the browser does not add a ".tar" suffix to the archive file.
    Unix source code Readme file. – For Unix source code users.

  • Missing DLL Help information. For customers who are unable to use the Gryphon® C/C++ libraries (on Windows) due to "missing DLLs".

  • Gryphon® Monitor (GryphMON) - Version 1.92 – Used to monitor traffic on a Gryphon®. (ZIP, 4,032K).

  • GryphMON Manual – in html format.

  • GryphDB Manual – in html format. This product creates a database that gets imported into GryphMon for message transmission.

  • GryphSpeeds - Version 1.18 – A utility program that allows the speed entries in gdevs file to be edited remotely. (ZIP, 1,982K).

    Note: For previous software and driver versions, see the Archive Section of our Download page.

Product Information

Product Data Sheet

Product Manuals


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