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TCAD Studio Device Simulator

Part No:MPEM-CAD-Simulator-TCAD

The TCAD Studio Process & Device Simulator is a fully featured semiconductor process and device modelling tool suite for the Microsoft® Windows® platform. With TCAD Studio you can create complex device geometries in minutes and build sophisticated circuit models with the minimum of effort in a powerful, yet easy to use TCAD environment.

TCAD Studio makes it easy for you to perform semiconductor process and device simulation and offers numerous features designed to help you optimise your process or refine your product design. TCAD Studio is a comprehensive, yet affordable simulation tool with a host of features designed to bring great benefits to the process and device engineer, plus much more! A detailed feature list follows:

  • TCAD modelling of complex semiconductor geometries.
  • Ultra-fast simulation of implantation and diffusion processes using multi-grid methods.
  • Material libary includes Silicon, Oxide, Air, GaAs, AlAs, InP, GaP, InAs, AlGaAs, InAlAs, InGaAsP and SiC.
  • Models for temperature, high and low fields, surface mobility, SRH, auger and direct recombination, band gap narrowing.
  • Fast triangular mesh generation and mesh refinement.
  • Import process models from SUPREM.
  • DC and transient simulation modes.
  • Full electro-thermal modelling
  • Advanced compact models for Mosfet, NPN, PNP, Thyristor, nptIGBT, ptIGBT and PIN devices.
  • Flexible solver controls for linear solver, search parameters, back tracking, decoupled parameters, equation parameters and time stepping.
  • Query and plot network currents and voltages in both DC and transient modes.
  • Advanced 3D visualisation of device performance and characteristics.
  • Isometric and contour plots of electrostatic potential; quasi-fermi levels and energies; band energies; temperature; hole and electron mobility and concentration; doping concentration; E Field; net charge concentration; recombination rate; intrinsic carrier concentration; valence band offsets; total, hole and electron currents.

With access to the full range of device physics and electro-thermal modelling, TCAD Studio provides a reliable and cost effective way to evaluate the performance and characteristics of semiconductor devices.

The Foundamental of TCAD Studio (簡介篇)

 TCAD Studio簡介下載.pdf

TCAD Studio實驗教材下載

 TCAD Studio實驗教材下載一 ~ 六.pdf

 TCAD Studio實驗教材下載七 ~ 十二.pdf

 TCAD Studio實驗教材下載十三 ~ 十五.pdf

 CMOS Photodiode

TCAD Studio更多範例下載

TCAD Studio實例螢幕操作展示

 Gallium Arsenide LED
 SiC Schottky Diode
 PiN Power Diode



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