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OPC Toolbox UA for VxWorks(OPC-SDK-UA-VXW)

OPC Toolbox UA for VxWorks(OPC-SDK-UA-VXW)


OPC Toolbox UA for VxWorks(OPC-SDK-UA-VXW)

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OPC Toolbox UA for VxWorks
Single seat developer license

Develop many OPC applications on one machine with the single seat developer license.


Area of application

The OPC Toolbox UA for VxWorks is a high-end tool for the quick and easy development of OPC UA clients and servers for VxWorks platforms.

  • Complete C++ framework and OPC UA class library

  • Optimized for use in embedded VxWorks devices

  • Development on Windows possible


  • API compatible to OPC UA Toolkits for Windows

  • Sample programs with source available

  • Documentation in English

  • Context-sensitive online help integrated into Microsoft MS Developer Studio

  • Free demo version

  • International update and support program

  • Support provided by the OPC Competence Center

System requirements

  • VxWorks 6.4

  • VxWorks 6.6

  • VxWorks 6.7

  • Wind River VxWorks Development Platform

Included in package

  • OPC Toolbox UA single seat developer license for VxWorks

  • CD-ROM

  • Printed 〝Getting Started〞 manual

  • Online help in English

Pre-version upon request




OPC Toolbox UA for VxWorks(OPC-SDK-UA-VXW)簡易規格下載

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