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PROFIBUS PA Tester (BC-230-PB)

PROFIBUS PA Tester (BC-230-PB)


PROFIBUS PA Tester (BC-230-PB)

PROFIBUS Tester 5 BC-700-PB

Part No: MPSF-PB-Tools-BC-230-PB

Quick and Easy Bus Test

The PROFIBUS PA Tester is a versatile tool for testing PROFIBUS PA during operation. It is powered by the fieldbus so that no battery or external power source is required.
The tester is also suitable for use in hazardous areas.

  • No Battery or External Power Source Required
  • No PC or Notebook Needed for Testing the Bus
  • Clear OK/BAD Classification of Test Results

Universal Application

The PROFIBUS PA Tester allows testing of the bus physics. In addition, it verifies that the communication between the bus devices is stable. This makes it a universal tool for setup and commissioning, documentation, acceptance testing, preventive maintenance, and troubleshooting.

Very Simple to Use

A display and two function buttons provide outstanding ease of use. The bus test starts automatically when the tool is connected to a PROFIBUS PA network. The test results are clearly classified as either OK or BAD. This tool is an ideal choice even for less experienced users.

Fully Automatic Bus Test

After attaching the tool to the PROFIBUS PA network, the PROFIBUS PA Tester is powered by the fieldbus and automatically starts testing the segment without operator intervention. If the measured data exceeds the tolerance limits, the operator is informed in plain text. 

At the segment level, the tool determines the segment voltage as well as average noise and peak noise for three frequency ranges. Short circuits between the individual signal wires and the cable shield are reliably detected.

At the field device level, the PROFIBUS PA Tester reports all frame retransmissions and all devices added or dropped during bus operation. The current and the lowest signal levels of all devices are also determined.
No PC or notebook is needed for testing the bus. If required, the PROFIBUS PA Tester stores the test data for later transfer to a PC via USB. The detailed test reports can be imported to Microsoft® Excel or exported as text files.


Category Details
Input voltage Fieldbus mode: 8 to 32 VDC, USB mode: 4.1 to 5.5 VDC
Max. input current

Fieldbus mode: 10 mA *, USB mode: 30 mA

Power dissipation
Fieldbus mode: max. 320 mW (at 32 VDC), USB mode: max. 165 mW (at 5.5 VDC)

Operating temperature

–20 to +50 °C **


146 x 88 x 28 mm


378 g

Case material


DC voltage measurement range

8 to 32 VDC ± 0.5 VDC

Signal level measurement range

0.12 to 2 Vpp ±10% ±0.025 Vpp

Functions Details
LF noise measurement range

50 Hz to 4 kHz, 0 to 1000 mVpp ±15% ±25 mVpp ***

FF noise measurement range

9 kHz to 40 kHz, 0 to 1000 mVpp ±10% ±25 mVpp ***

HF noise measurement range

90 kHz to 350 kHz, 0 to 250 mVpp ±20% ±25 mVpp ***



Hazardous area approvals

FM USA and Canada: 
—Class I Division 2 Groups A, B, C and D T4
—Class I Zone 2 Group IIC T4
—Class I Division 1 Groups A, B, C and D T4
—Class I Zone 0 and 1 Ex/AEx ia IIC T4

Data transfer to PC Via supplied PC software for Windows 2000, XP and VISTA, Windows 7 (32/64 bit) and USB interface version 1.1 or 2.0

* In fieldbus mode the BC-230-PB is powered by the fieldbus and draws approximately 9.4 mA of current from the segment (depending on bus voltage and ambient temperature).
** Display update speed is impaired below –10°C.
*** Vpp = Volts peak-to-peak; excessive noise adjacent to the fieldbus frequency (FF) band will prevent the BC-230-PB from reading the fieldbus data and thus reduce functionality.

Product Package Includes


PROFIBUS PA Tester, bus powered, Ex approvals, PC software on CD-ROM, manual, certificates, connection cables, and carrying case.

Note: User manual, PC software and certificates in English

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